Choice of Rebels-Uprising Help/Hints


To be clear, I meant Breden had the nerve to insult the MC after Breden did absolutely NOTHING at the Fourth Harrowing. I am well aware that Breden is supposed to be charismatic and I have seen the Kryptast code scene. My MC reluctantly puts up with Breden’s personality for the sake of Breden’s skills since during winter the band has no other charismatic options since my MC only has CHA 1. Breden’s true personality shines through at the Fourth Harrowing, if you express caution as to whom to trust, and if you send Breden to bring in the strangers in the woods. None of these things reflect well on Breden.

By “minimum violence” rebellion, I assume you mean the one where your MC and Breden stand by and do nothing while the children are Harrowed?

Yes, the helot MC is better off as a rebel regardless. My noble MC however particularly as an overt wisard was not amused by Breden’s speech and for Breden to expect my overt wisard MC to agree to dance was delusional at best. “Breden, that ship hasn’t sailed. It was torpedoed and then the sunken wreck was depth-charged.”

Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!

Hmmm… Breden tried to avoid as much bloodshed as possible, i always notice she/he had a sense of remorse for whatever happen to us :slight_smile:

Huh??? No children were harrowed under my leadership :slight_smile: i sent most of them to villagers’ house :slight_smile:


So you would have had to stop the Harrowing so that is not actually the minimum violence route. Or at least not what was typically called the “minimum violence” route. The “minimum violence” route used to be doing nothing at the Harrowing and then catching rabbits and begging all winter.

That is the wrong way to think of it at least for a noble MC that isn’t an arrogant jerk. My noble MC despises the nobility with but a handful of exceptions because the first nobles that come to mind for my MC when thinking of the nobility are the MC’s father and the MC’s cousins and between those 3 there is more than enough grounds for a low opinion of all of them. My MC rejects entirely the distinction between helot and free. And as for the MC’s family’s proud history, centuries as loyal lapdogs and accomplices of the Hegemony do not seem to my MC to be anything worthy of pride. However, having to put up with Breden is a high price to pay for being a decent person as a noble MC.


Tsk tsk. Alya calls that “being aware of the natural differences between those who rule and those who serve.” She fully intends to maintain the system of aristocracy and helotry, just with functioning rule of law and replacing Harrowing with something less wasteful.


So going the Laconnier route with serfdom and purely theoretical “rights”, that can only be championed by “nobles”, for the former helotry. Though, again, looking at the example modern India provides us it is going to be an uphill battle to crack the current caste system enough to get to he point where it will deign to acknowledge the former “blood-cattle” class is even truly human. :unamused:

Again that’s why my mc is so utterly determined to break the caste system, rather then attempt any half-measures that are going to backfire spectacularly (Brahmins a scheduled caste, really mr. Modi? :roll_eyes: ).

My mc only sees a difference between those with the fancy educations, or even just basic literacy and numeracy and those without. There’s nothing intrinsic about that and it should be fixable. In fact the rebellion has already made a very modest start on that.


Nah. Helots will have access to the courts, and the courts will be independent of the aristarchs. The latter being the important factor.


This remind me of the Kingdom of Bretonnia (Warhammer Universe), a highly-Chivalrous Feudal Kingdom who vow to uphold Chivalry and Justice above all other traits. So the Laconnier are like the Bretonnia ? The Beacon of justice for all Peasants ? I like that idea … I can let Suzane be the first Knight-Queen that lead such magnificent beacon of hope once the rebellion is successful , as the Angel Elect… i will even reinvent the “Grail” in which all Knights who are worthy to drink the holy potion of the Grail be elevated as the " Grail Knights" :smile: the Kingdom 's elite cavaliers :grin:


Just wanted to drop my two cents (again) about Breden. I interpreted the first meeting with Breden as an example of the ‘stupid sexy flanders’ trope, where one finds someone physically attractive even if they aren’t of the desired gender - in the case when I headcanon my male MC as straight even when I choose Breden to be male. The male MC just acknowledges that Breden is very attractive, not necessarily being attracted to Breden. Just my idle thoughts and opinions, it isn’t really gamebreaking.

But back to the topic of this thread. Does anyone have any advice on what stats I should choose for a high anarchy playthrough?


COM2/INT1/CHA0. High combat skill is invaluable for repeatedly leading hordes of screaming rebels to death and glory.


So I’m currently playing as aristo mc with COM2 and INT1. She’s not above raiding merchants or priests, but kinda started wondering about nobles. Is there much difference if you rob nobles, but don’t kill them or is it better to just let them be and focus raiding others?

Personally I kinda like the scene where they raid that one noble family since there is this great scene where she tries to show mercy to guards who fight against them since she’s really compassionate and she’s simply outraged by the idea of killing horses for food


is it better to kill the architelone? or is it better to spare her?


There’s not too much of a lasting consequence to either. If you kill her, you gain ruthlessness, anarchy, and the hidden stat notoriety. High Anarchy can be useful sometimes, but all notoriety does right now is increase the number of enemy phalangites in the final chapter. Sparing her has no effect usually, she just gets killed by the Hegemony later.

If you got your information from Bleys the Telone though, killing the Architelone means you can’t frame anyone and the Hegemony will execute Bleys. This is bad mainly because Bleys can join your rebellion, and can help you gain a massive amount of money by fencing your loot.


This was actually how I too understood it until recently. Just because I am a straight guy doesn’t mean that I do not notice when another really attractive straight guy is in the room. So I mostly just saw the choice as “Do you want Breden to be a man or a woman?”, and in my first playthrough I thought Breden would be best as a woman… And since then I mostly just stuck with it and now Breden is almost always a woman (I might even go so far as to say that I think she is written like a female character, but that might be a chicken/egg situation). :stuck_out_tongue:

If you do not kill the nobles and do not eat the horses, your reputation with the nobles will not be lowered an insurmountable amount. So, eh, do not be afraid of raiding the manor, I would say.
If you do kill the nobles, they will really hate you.


Is there a successful route for low anarchy with an INT 2, CHA 1 MC that stopped the Harrowing?


How low anarchy are we talking here?

But yeah, probably, I’ll give it a go and see what I can achieve.


Low enough to get Simon/Suzanne? And you are the bee’s knees and the cat’s PJs <3


It is possible to get Suzanne with 2 INT, 1 CHA that stopped the Harrowing. I have at least 3 save files based on that lol but generally what you should do is not to raid the nobles, don’t sabotage the Harrower and raid the yeomen at least twice for both grain and mules. And always buy grain every week during the winter, and either teach them how to fight or read, or even spilt up half the group to learn how to fight or read. Raiding the priests for grain or mules depends on how much anarchy you already have at that point but aim for lower than 20 I believe then you should be able to get Simon or Suzanne.


Don’t use magic at the Fourth Harrowing, have the Helots form a trial, don’t plunder the town in any way. Your choice of rations in the first week is pretty important, but I would generally recommend full rations for anyone who is sick, and either subsistence rations for all healthy people or subsistence rations for the children and 3/4rds rations for the healthy adults. You will want to adjust this to subsistence rations to all healthy adults and full rations to the rest as soon as you can, so preferably on week 2 or 3.

First week your main priority will be to just get food to survive and to get mules so that you can survive the coming weeks. Sell a mule, buy as much food as you can without getting complaints (27, I think?). Scout for mules, steal mules from merchants/yeomen, ask Helots for food and send away as many children as you can. Send the remaining bandits out to hunt rabbits or anything you fancy.

Sabotaging the Harrowers is actually a good way of getting some cred among the Helots and if you sift sands instead of burning them it is also a way to increase the size of your band for a small amount of anarchy, if you let Breden explain things to the Helots. So I generally do that. You should also want to send out some scouts to look for nearby temples to fund your food purchases. As soon as your scouts find mules to steal, send out another scouting party to find even more.

Asking sympathetic Helots for food and money, and to care for your children, is a pretty standard action every week. Buy food often, do not be afraid to sell a mule to get more food. If you want to fight the army in the final chapter, setting up a couple of traps might not be the worst idea. Or you can try to teach people how to read. Raiding a Tithe barn is a great way of getting a lot of food, but you might get Theurge’d when you have no mules ready.

Stay away from raiding anything dangerous unless it is likely to give you something valuable. The tax collector’s convoy is pretty dangerous and gives you a bit of anarchy, but you can probably take it out if you want to. The money is really useful. I didn’t actually do that in my test playthrough though, mostly because I forgot.

I had 11 anarchy by the end of Winter, and you need 20 or 21 for Simon/Suzanne to not show up, so there was room for more shenanigans.

To deal with Hector… Well, if you are a noble I would suggest talking to Hector’s sister, although that requires being in love with Hector. I don’t think trying to attack Hector is a great idea, so probably best to hit back at their wealth and use Theurgy discreetly to help you out.

For the final battle, you should not be known as a Theurge so you should be able to wipe out all the Theurges on your own. That should help you out a lot, no matter which plan you go with.

Hope this helped. :slight_smile:


You don’t have to be in love with Hector in order to talk to the sister if you’re a noble.


Right. Still can’t talk to the sister at all if you are a Helot though, which is unfortunate.