Choice of Rebels-Uprising Help/Hints


Tremendously! You’re the best :slight_smile:


And does anyone know the requirements for leading your band down the “Inner Voice” route?


2CHA, or have Breden and don’t alienate him.


Thanks! I’m glad to be helpful to you in whatever way. With that in mind I am certain I’ll do a playthrough with a de Firiac romance at some point, using a different character.

Unfortunately my main fellow has bad taste (or at least just taste which is particularly unfortunate for him) and is never not going to be head over heels in love with Breden, his outspoken charismatic comrade, and is willing to forgive/excuse him everything. Kind of a sucker like that. Even in this circumstance it’s very much a, “Even if we aren’t/can’t be partners that doesn’t mean the love just goes away” kind of situation.

I’m just imagining how emotionally wrecked he’s going to be throughout much of the next game if it’s just him and Breden together in the Xaos-lands. Would definitely appreciate some dialogue options/text notes that reference the fact that he is pretty much in unrequited love here. (In fact I love sad stories and making myself sad, so please don’t feel too bad!) Maybe he will meet someone new, or at least a new close friend, but again he’s got particular taste.


I hear this, and after the next XoR update, the following response should be available when Breden asks you to dance:

#"With you? I'd sooner throw myself into the fire." I can't keep my dislike for ${xhim} in check any longer.

Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!

Even after I ransacked the code I have no clear clues of who is the traitor. I suspect breden to be a kryptast bc he told me the secret kryptast code (the night I married him).


I would actually like to hear reasons for why people suspect Breden as traitor ^^ I’d also like to know if there anyone who suspect someone else as a traitor?
Personally I’m kinda leaning to Breden being a traitor, but more like being forced to act as one rather than being one willingly.


Thank you @Havenstone. I hope the MC gets the chance to throw Breden’s own insults following the Fourth Harrowing back in Breden’s face.

Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!

I believe the main reason is the event during the final skirmish , when we were surrounded by enemies and hiding inside a cave, Breden and the guy from Xhaos land were two of the persons in charge of cooking , i forgot who was the third… and it resulted in half of the rebels being poison including Elery , so immediately Breden was signal out although there are some doubts which i will explain later… some readers argue that the poison scene won’t happen if they draw Breden out to some other task… this also added to the initial earlier chapter where Breden was signal out as the Fall girl/guy

I suspect Joanna , one of the reason was Joanna was the one who distribute the food (according to Breden), apparently only half of the rebels were poison …if the food was poison in the initial cooking then all of the Rebels should had been poison and Breden argue it was a proof that ot was cause by the person who distribute the food, Joanna didn’t prove she wasn’t the one, she just use her status as the old “Loyal” household member to question Breden’s accusation , and Joanna had been within the family for so long, i won’t surprise if she already knew MC involved with Breden’s group in the earlier chapter… as the argument on why the poison scene won’t happen if Breden wasn’t around… this is so obvious that Joanna want Breden to take the fall right? if Breden wasn’t around , there was no reason for Joanna to poison the rebel … i think both Joanna and Breden are the Kryptas , Joanna should be the veteran spy who lurk in the MC family for so long that when she notice Breden was leaning towards MC, she plan to take her out first … (well, there is no honour among thieves right ? ) Breden might had suspect Joanna , because in one meeting scene she emphasis that even the older household members should be investigate , this immediately irritate Joanna and she also point that it is the younger rebels who shouldn’t be trust … Joanna afraid Breden will eventually found her out… there were few moments when MC was alone with Breden , so Breden could had easily take out or arrest MC is she/he was disloyal to MC


Who is Horion and when can I get the option to meet and make him a romance option?


Is inspecting the harrowers necessary? Every time I go to inspect it, I have to sabotage it and that brings up my anarchy. Why is it needed, you don’t really learn anything.


You don’t have to sabotage it if you don’t want; you can just inspect it with a couple guys.

There’s no reason not to is why I do it.


Every time after I inspect it, the only options left afterward for me is to burn it or put sand in the gears. I can’t just leave


Do you only go in with two people to begin with?

If you do, then that’s a bug.


If I avoid it, will there be a consequence or something?


Not as far as I know. Book 2 may disagree with me.


Ok, thanks for the replies.

One unrelated question; is it possible to survive a play through as brutal?


Ah, I feel like the increases in ruthlessness and especially paranoia should be a gradual scale for my mc to progress along. So he’s actually a bit too trusting and forgiving still in the first installment, letting Zvad (and Sybla) go and Breden only getting on the little list after their stubborn insubordination actually shanked the preparations for combat and cost a significant amount of lives and resources.

True, that is the most fun, except you don’t need to be biased towards combat for it to work.

Ah, but then that versatility is one of the main strengths of this game.

The disadvantage, for me at least is that without extensive modding (which might cause all sorts of weirdness and potentially not make saves work on import) choosing Simon/Suzanne renders the mc “canonically” bisexual. Which is a minor personal annoyance of mine.


Absolutely. Ruthlessness and mass murder are a completely legit strategy.

No, but I find that it’s the most effective way to keep your peeps alive to do more pillaging. You can only afford 100 losses all winter, even if they’re honorable deaths earned killing Alastors and noble pigs. Theurges burn too much blood, and charisma is less efficient at preserving the men.


Here is something I don’t understand with the game… First time I played I got Kalt, I played as a heterosexual male, but when kalt made his advances toward me at the end there was the option to ‘try for him’… This play through, in an attempt to get a female Suzanne, I made my character not attracted to anybody, and made Breden male… now when breden comes on to me at the party at the end of ch 2 there was an option to be receptive… so as you can imagine, it is very frustrating to me when I find that there is no such options when dealing with Suzanne.