Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread


That’s not really what I meant…



So shiny and pretty.

I just wish CS could center stuff on the stats screen, but alas.

Also the colored backgrounds aren’t working for XoR, not sure where the problem stems from though. I was looking forward to trying the black background with your new images.


Not sure what triggered me to finally ask this after nearly three years of following this thread, and I’m sure it’s been asked before but…

How the hell is the word “xthonos” pronounced?!?! I’ve always read xaos in my head as zaos but whenever I see the word xthonos I usually don’t even try and just picture in my head a massive cumulonimbus cloud floating through the sky. When I do try to pronounce it it ends up something like ‘Kthonos’, is that roughly right?

Again, no idea what made me ask this. Just finally decided I should…


I used to pronounce Xaos as, well, Xaos. It makes sense, I swear. Like “Shaos”, I think?

But somewhere I read that Xthonos is supposed to be said as “Kthonos” or, who knows, “keeh-TOH-nos”? So I say it like that. And then I began to say Xaos as Kaos. In my head, at least.

But I think there’s no right or wrong way to say it. :slight_smile:. If anything, the many cultures of the Rebelverse probably bring their own accents into the table.



If you have Bleys bring back food when he’s fencing the Architelone loot it doesn’t count toward your weekly requirement. So I was in the position of not being able to do much of anything productive with a hundred and ten outlaws despite having technically met their weekly dietary needs.


It’s pronounced Ξθωνως.

Found this bug at the end of chapter 2:

Sixteen of your thirty-seven mules wear the Architelone Xedia’s brand, and cannot be sold. Any of the others The last one could be fenced for around seven gold staters, or seven hundred drachems.


@Havenstone what is Olynna’s heresy if she avoids the rhetorical trap set for her during the sermon?

It seems rather arbitrary. Was her beating and the noblewoman who followed her grounded on some actual theology or can Zebed just have people beaten or executed at will?



Do you think I’m made of negative mules Algarn?! Angels be damned, make do with what you have!


Three demonstrated acts of heresy are enough to earn summary execution. A single one merits a beating and public penance, a second one beating and such other penalty as the relevant authority deems appropriate. (Olynna’s relevant authority is in Grand Shayard, hence the removal.)

The difference between the two outcomes in the religion intro is whether Olynna slips into the public misattribution of heresy to a Hegemonic authority figure – which is itself a significant heresy, especially if the authority figure in question deems it so and presses the issue. If you interrupt her, she doesn’t make that mistake, and her heresy score stays at two.

This was discussed above here, with a crucial caveat here.


I learned it from the code, although I guess it is lightly implied in the text that your merciful nature will impress people. The aristocracy and merchants get +10 each, and the clergy gets +15 with their relations to you. Considering how hard it is to make the aristocracy and merchants like us more (and how expensive it is to bribe the clergy), that could be a potentially significant boost.

But yeah, it is reserved for Com2 characters only, which means that it is impossible to get the aristocracy above 300 in relations in this game. So far. My little personal wish is that there are a few extra events added in to befriend aristocrats and/or merchants, although I am honestly not quite sure how those would work out. Not like you can bribe them (maybe give them back something from the tax collection mission? “Here, I found your ancient heirloom, would you like it back, as a gift?”), and I doubt any sensible ones would willingly communicate or discuss with a rebel.


Tracking the third times the charm bit but her first heresy is “Teaching false doctrines to impressionable children…”

Which I believe is attributed to this statement that Zebed overhears “But others say that it is not mere chance that humans, nature’s apex, are called to compassion as our highest virtue. Though the Angels are but one emanation of Xthonos, They are perhaps the truest reflection of Its perfection. Whatever the Ineffable One may be, It is more than compassionate, not less.”

The second “compounding your contempt for the lectionary” is pretty straight forward when she goes off script, but what is the “false doctrine” she is preaching?

Is the determination of false doctrine one Ecclesiastes word against another?

Furthermore he has a local noblewoman straight up executed. We obviously don’t know the details but Zebed’s power seems…sweeping.


Welcome to the nightmare theocracy that is the Hegemony. Is it any wonder my mc intents to simply smash the whole caste system and the organized religion backing it?

“What you call rebellion, I call offering our throats for the knife.” You stand brusquely. “Now if you truly believe in our cause, de Firiac, then pin a smile back to your smug aristo cheeks before you steal the mettle of the others. Whatever quarrels you have with me must wait until we’ve survived this arrmy.

Tiny misspelling there.


I like all the header icons and think they great general improvements to almost any Choice of Game. I am curious what the symbol behind the text is. Is that the Omphalos? That was roughly what I was picturing, but It also kind of looks like a gear with a sword in the middle.


Going through trying to fix the reported issues, and just uploaded a batch of hopefully improved scene files.

We’ll probably end up putting the numerals back in for everything over 99, at least in the bandits game – I’ll check with CoG.

Is it possible that this is a problem with ChoiceScript version? 'Cause modulo has been an operator since last October, and the code in question works fine when I’m testing it on my own laptop. @dashingdon, can I just check: what’s the current CS version running XoR on your site?

Do you recall whether Bleys and family joined you? That might have been what threw it off…

The symbol behind the text is a broken gear with a sword, in a crossed-circle omphalos shape.


It is possible that is the case. I know that I’m not the only one who reported the same issue. As @Sleepyowl reported:


The number of sick people isn’t being displayed in the stats screen: tagmasword is set to true when choosing story mode but not when choosing a regular game. It should be the other way around.


The attribution of compassion to Xthonos. Xthonos is the unmoved mover, unaware of anything but Its own perfection. Anything that compromises Its transcendence, any doctrine that implies Xthonos cares about creation, is heresy.

Ecclesiasts do have sweeping powers in situations of heresy. In practice, those can be limited by a strong aristarch or Alastor captain, who could arrange for an over-the-top witch hunter to be replaced for excessive disturbance to the local order. But in this case, Aristarch Stilos was the one who reported the heresy to the Archimandrite and asked him to send a proper inquisitor to sort things out. The young noblewoman’s execution would have been with his approval.

In the alternate universe of the Plektoi intro, Stilos is annoyed at Zebed for calling in the hounds (mentioned in the third option I added there), which he thinks excessive. In the Olynna intro, they’re of one mind on the danger of a heresy promulgated by the current Ecclesiast, and the necessity of a strong response.


I just recently (May 18th) upgraded the system to run the latest GitHub commit of ChoiceScript from April 30th. All the games on the site now use that CS version.

EDIT: I’ve now put some “cache busting” code in place for the JS files on this particular game so hopefully that solves the issue. Please let me know if it persists for anyone. Thanks.


I believe they did yes, I’ll double check since you updated though.

EDIT: It seems to be fixed, but I did notice some other stuff.

If you just raid the first monastery with mules you have the choice to send more scouts. If you hadn’t sent scouts it works fine, but if you already sent scouts it will ask you if you want to and will basically remove the free followers you send.

There is no information on the cost of mule when purchasing one. I’d like to know what they cost before buying one either in the choice selection or in more detail afterward with a conformation choice.

If Elery is your Second in Command but she gets sick/poisoned she still tells you to go to bed after tying up Breden.

Also Zvad’s dialogue is the same if no one dies in the band. I assume that’s something you haven’t written yet and not a bug but I don’t know.


Hey, when Breden dies and the MC has to select a new deputy, I couldn’t pick Elery. She complained that Breden had to die and refused, even though my MC had nothing to do with Breden’s death. And that… didn’t make a lot of sense. Could we not convince her to be our deputy only for a while, and then search for a new one?