Choice of Ninja and other latest offerings

@Samuel_H_Young i bough that Wizard bounty lol.I HATE CARDS I DONT READ CARDS IN THE DESCRIPTION I HATE IT I just dont pass first page. Cards are stupid i need to remember stupid combos i dont want to loot more cards i dont want to do a deck SO BORING. also tin man games has charisma etc checks. Its just another genre inside narrative games.

That’s a shame…I think Warlock’s Bounty is better than over half the gamebooks here.

And yeah Tin Man games has a lot of good factors, but the dice rolling just completely ruins it.

Its cuestion of taste i dont like cards you dont like dices. Its and old discussion in Rpg after all you use cards of dices ?
Im a dice lover in Role plays

Overall, though, I think CoG is the best because they use neither xD

@Samuel_H_Young I agree lol . Cog joining rp lovers together since 2010.
Edit 2009 i like choice of dragon too ^^

Choice of the Dragon came out in 2009

@Samuel_H_Young Can you give us an example of a game that you do like?

I really enjoyed Choice of the Vampire 1, Choice of the Broadsides, Choice of the Dragon, Choice of the Star Captain, the Choice of Romance trilogy, Eerie Estate Agent, Way Walkers: University 1 and 2, Sabres of Infinity, Life of a Wizard, and Apex Patrol.

I liked Choice of Zombies, Heroes Rise 1 and 2, Choice of Kung Fu, The Orpheus Ruse, Murder in Berlin, Mobile Armored Marine, Marine Raider, Imprisoned, and The Race.

I can’t believe I forgot about Zombie Exodus. I really enjoyed ZE, too.

I have to say Choice of Dragon is just a classic, The Race too, they were the ones that reeled me in.

@Samuel_H_Young thanks! Looking forward to your epic game.

Thanks:)! Looking forward to ZE2

I liked ORPHEUS Ruse, because the concept was intriguing and rather well input, and the choices were meaningful and interesting. I really liked the idea, and it stuck with me afterword. The setting felt fairly solid, and the way the game opens was an instant draw-in.

I was somewhat disappointed, though, by how quickly it all rushed by. There’s alot going in this game, and it mostly flew by me, so even after several playthrough, my memory of it is basically a blur. While there were several strong emotional moments, most of it was too cramped, never leaving me room to breath and fully take in what is happening.

This may be very enjoyable for some, the feeling of a rush translated as excitement, but I was always more interested in character-driven story, so the whole thing rang a bit hollow for me.

It was well executed, and I could tell the writer was genuinely invested in the story and setting (unlike, say, Choice of Ninja and Kung Fu). So objectively I’d say it’s a good game, and one I’d recommend, but it’s not a personal favourite of mine.

Well, my favourite CoG so far are Heroes Rise (1&2) and, surprisingly, Slammed.

I don’t mind a bit of railroading, to be honest. Heroes Rise has it’s flaws, but I just love the concept and the world. The atmosphere of the story is great. I was really surprised to find that I liked Slammed as much as I did. Wrestling is a topic that bores me on the best of days. I also had no idea what to expect. (Wrestling is a sport that…does not exist in Germany.)
As it turned out, Wrestling is still not my thing, but I really liked the characters and the romance options. [Spoiler?] Even though I expected something along those lines, JJ’s betrayal felt like a punch to the gut. [Spoiler End?]

The games I did not like at all were Choice of Kung Fu and To the City of the Clouds. I simply disliked the atmosphere of Choice of Kung Fu and it felt to me like there were no properly fleshed-out characters. The whole story felt very impersonal to me. City of Clouds was very short and really no fun at all.

I have to admit that the length of some of the more recent titles has been a bit of a disappointment for me. Slammed! was wonderful. It was long and interesting and it was COMPLETE. I wasn’t left hanging at the end. I got my success and my girl and it was very satisfying.

(At the very least, I would like to know beforehand whether the story I’m buying is complete or just the first part of many.)

I really loved Life of a Wizard. True, it’s pretty linear, and many of your choices boil down to which stat you want to max out. But the diversity of stat variations and character builds makes it eminently replayable, I find. I’ve played through that game 30 or 40 times already. I played through it again yesterday.

Just now I’m trying to work out how to play a loner character with crummy stats - because he’s missed out on all the fun opportunities to improve stats that friends and lovers seem to offer - who can still level up his adventuring party fast enough to beat the Abyss when that encounter comes along. Fun.

Thanks @PaulGresty

These nice words give authors huge motivation to keep going on their next projects. :slight_smile: