Choice of Magics Accessibility for Blind Players

Nobody has talked about this from what I’ve read, so I figured I’d post about it in case @kgold is unawear.
From what I can see looking at the stats code, the magic schools are represented with colored bars. The only problem with this is that blind users such as myself can’t read these. An option to disable these and instead show standard numbers such as “Negation: 2” would be greatly apreciated. Nothing else in the game seems to have this problem.
Thank you for any consideration you might give this, Kevin. Magics is a great game and the only downside I’ve found while playing is that.
Edit: When first checking the website to verify this hadn’t been fixed, I didn’t see the new change that was apparently implemented. Something to do with caching, I suppose. This isn’t a problem anymore.


I’d also like number options for the magic stats, but for different reasons.

After playing a Choice of game for a while, I like opening up the code and trying to get the “perfect” play through. Mostly I don’t succeed, but I enjoy going through the game without the threat of a restart looming over me, optimizing stat gains, and becoming a general superhuman.

With the colored bars, I can’t tell if I can pass that “Negation > 8” check for the choice I want to pick. It just adds guesswork that makes optimizing needlessly more difficult.

Everything else about the game is great! But that one aspect makes me sad on replays.