Please can someone help me decide if I should have my stats page be super long or try to figure out how to make it several pages?


Okay so I’m making a new project, a new game, and it’s a magic game, right, so what I’m wondering here is um, well, I have all the normal stuff in the stats page that I want to have there, BUT I also need to add a long list of magic spells PLUS their descriptions on what they do.

So should I like just make the stats page super long, with the list being right below the player_name and gender and relationship stats, etc, or should I figure out how to make multiple pages with like choices and put the list of spells there? Is that even possible? Also is there a limit to how long a stats page can be? :slight_smile: Thanks!


You can make a separate page for spells and their explanations.

Kinda like this

Generic Stats Here

    #Magic Spells
        *goto spells

*label spells
   #Ice Spell
        Ice Spell description
        *goto spells
   #Fire Spell
         Fire Spell description
         *goto spells

It’s what I do.

There isn’t a hard-coded limit to how long a stat page can be AFAIK


Oh, thank you! So I put this like actually in the choicescript_stats.txt? :slight_smile: I mean I had no clue you could still do *choice and other commands inside the stats text file without messing it up or something.


Yes, though use proper spacing or tabs.

But yeah on the stats page, *labels are your friend. I divide it up with *choice and *label and make it a lot more presentable… of course the rules of *choice still apply.


Thank you! :slight_smile: You’ve been really helpful! :slight_smile: I never would have thought to even try messing with this like…this. :smiley:


No problem and good luck on your wip! I always love to see fellow aspiring writers of magic.


Yes, I would definitely favor having multiple pages rather than a really long one. It’ll make it easier to find what specifically you’re curious about, and it’ll be less overwhelming, too.

*choice and *goto should cover your needs. Note, it would also be helpful to have a *choice at the bottom of any subpages that would allow you to go back to the main page.

One way to divide up pages would be to have your main stats page, a page for your spells, and a page for more in depth description and information. If you have big descriptions for each spell, yu could have a separate choice for each, but if they’re smaller blurbs, it might be simple to have one page collecting the descriptions. Like…

*label mainpage

Here you have your main stats.

  #Show my spells.
    *goto spells
  #See spell descriptions.
    *goto spellinfo

*label spells

Here is a list of your skill level at various spells that you have! 

  #See stats.
    *goto mainpage
  #See spell descriptions.
    *goto spellinfo

*label spellinfo

Here is a description of each of the spells individually.

  #See stats.
    *goto mainpage
  #See spell descriptions.
    *goto spellinfo

People also often have separate stat pages for relationships, or to include blocks of information about the world in an accessible location. Or anything else that’s particular to your story and takes up a lot of space :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh my gosh thanks! :slight_smile: I could totally do this, cause I already got the hang of making mini exploration areas, and THAT requires labels and going back to the top again, so that’s like the same concept! :slight_smile:


Do you think I could maybe copy and paste what you typed here as an example, but like actually use it, or is that like plagiarism or something? Cause I don’t want to like wholesale steal other people’s works!


Sure, feel free to use it. It’s fine :slight_smile:


Okay thanks! :blush: You’re super nice and smart with this stuff! I feel dumb and fumbly with it, having I think a good grasp of the basics, but only now just dipping my toes into this advanced stuff. :slight_smile: It’s all a bunch of crazy trial and error, and outside the box thinking to make like ILLUSIONS of certain stuff. :smiley:


Oh, happy to help :smile:

It takes some time to pick up on some of the tricks, and I’m sure there’s plenty of stuff that confuses me too :stuck_out_tongue: you’ll get there!

I don’t know if you’ve done this at all, but one thing I’ve found really helpful is to look at the code of other games in choicescript, not to copy off them, but just to see the kinds of things they can do, and get more of a feel for the possibilities. In case that helps :slight_smile:

But yeah, good luck with everything, and I’m sure if you have more questions, there’s lots of really helpful people here!


K! :slight_smile: Yeah I just try to use the tutorial wiki and sometimes ask stuff here, but I haven’t tried looking at other games. :slight_smile:


Yeah, it can be really eye-opening :smile: In case you weren’t sure how to do it, here’s instructions :slight_smile: