Choice of Games vs. Hosted Games, where to post?

Hello guys,

I was about to post a topic about my favorite MOBA game with a description, I’m a player in it… but then I stopped because I didn’t know to what category I should relate the game… either Choice of Games or Hosted Games? I couldn’t quite understand it reading the description to these categories. I didn’t want to irritate people by putting it into a wrong section either… Guys, please help me with some advice. Thank you.

The Choice of Games category is for discussions about games published by CoG on their official label, (,
whilst Hosted Games is to chat about games on the Hosted Games label (

The game you’re talking about it is neither so it should be posted under ‘off-topic’ or in the thread that already exists about other games, here:


Thanks for promoting the thread @AlexClifford1994

Thank you so much for your reply :smile: it’s helpful! @AlexClifford1994