This Is For Games Mainly Fps But Everything Is Welcomed

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We are many - you are but one. Mortal Kombat X
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Yeeeeee i’m welcome

Ok fps… Battlefield 3 and Modern warfare 3
are the most known ones
But i prefer BF3 cuz you can go in vehicles and the maps are biiiiiig BUT I HATE PREMIUM PLAYERS cuz they have cool weapons. more maps. weapon camo. more weapons. more vehicles. cool vehicles. cool weapons… O i already said that but the point is Me hatez them
BF3 for the win


I Hate FPs!! I m so horrible in this games, and the story its so boring, the only thing similar a fps i enjoy its borderlands and mass effect 3. Actually i only enjoy playing, rpg, rpg and more rpg :stuck_out_tongue: . Well i like too, strategy games, old grafic adventures, social sims and text adventures. I dont buy other type of games


Well @P0RT3R I Prefer Mw3 The Story Is Amazing i Cried When Soap Died


Mw3 has better storyline but multiplayer isn’t that fun as in Bf3 and i cried so many times during mass effect 1/2/3 :((
And i’m going to play bf3 online now :slight_smile:


hahaha yeah but you’ve played bo2 ?


All bf3,Mw3 its like you are talking in a secret lenguage (:expressionless:


bf3 Stands For Battlefield 3 Mw3 Stands For Modern Warfare 3


These are the games wich talking the same story same time but people fight what is better ?


Almost The Same


Mind You The N00bs In Mw 3 Sucks And There’s A Lot M Opinion For Mp BF SP COD


This type of games doesnt have any fun for me . They are like transformers movies a lot explosions without guion.i prefer the guion


Bezment you are speak in chinese again




Well rpgs have a lot of strange adrebiatures too do you like rpg?


not really but i love mount and blade and diablo never liked skyrim much but love oblivion


Extrange, why you prefer oblivion to skyrim? The skills are better in skyrim


nothing i just love oblivion


I love the cirodil province and history its amazing but its nothing compared with morrowind. Do you play mass effect 3 ? Its similar to a fps


nah my computer is crappy and when i read the story i say wtf this is how it end
you like halo