Choice of Games Suggestions (Business and design related)

If you buy the games on Steam you can wishlist them and the moment they’re released you receive a an email (and a notification if you have the Steam app on your phone).

Alternatively, if you don’t use Steam (or the game isn’t on Steam), you can change the settings here in the forum so that you receive an email when an announcement topic is made so you know when the game is released on CoG website.

Hope it helps!

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I don’t know what order the games are in when you go to your account on the CoG website but it’s awful for actually finding a specific game (yes, I know I can use CTRL+F if I need to). Could they at least just go in alphabetical order?

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What’s weird is that they are arranged alphabetically - but not always by the first letter in the title. The phrase Choice of doesn’t count as part of the title, and Thieves’ Gambit and Revolution Diabolique are alphabetized as “Black Cat” and “Diabolique.”

Oh god, the amount of ones that are like that completely threw me off that it was alphabetical. “I, Cyborg” is under I but “The Hero of Kendrickstone” is under K.

They are alphabetical, but they’re alphabetical by shortened names that are used for some behind-the-scenes website stuff, which are sometimes based on later words in the title rather than the first one. (I think a couple of them are even based on older names for games that have since been retitled.) Because of the behind-the-scenes website stuff, I don’t know how easy that would be to change, unfortunately.


That reminds me, the My Library in omnibuses (at least in iOS): the order of games seem to change there, so I’ve been wondering how they are arranged. Also why it can’t be sorted, unlike the search view (and if it really can’t, if it would be possible to filter the search by owned/unowned).

I know less about how things work in the app, but I know those are changes people would like to see and it might be something we can improve in future updates. (I know about the shortened game IDs on the website because I use them when adding games to people’s accounts, and that’s about 80% of what I do for customer support.)

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