Suggestion about cover arts

First of all, I’m sorry if creating a new topic for this was not the right way. I tried searching for a relevant place I could add this idea but found none.

I wanted to suggest that putting the full version of cover art at the first page of every games (like how some of the Hosted Games do) might be a good idea?

Recently, I downloaded the omnibus apps to buy some Hosted Games that are not on Steam and to reread old games (I bought some back when they were separated apps on iOS, before I switched to Steam long ago). I was surprised to see many cover arts that I’ve never seen before, the full pictures of small banners that are featured in this official site and store page on Steam.

Some of them, such as the full illustration for Tower Behind the Moon, are so beautiful that I felt I’ve been missing out not getting to see them sooner. And as a Steam user, if I didn’t try the omnibus apps I would never get to see them at all.

Since these illustrations are supposed to be the cover for each games, like a book’s cover, I think it would be nice to have them on the first page of the game itself, so players on every platforms could see them as the first thing when they started reading, just like how we see the cover before opening a book.


On a related note (if I may hijack your thread for this):
How much would a physical artbook of the coverarts cost and would there be interest in it?
With 100+ games in the library…



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I love the idea but wonder about rights, since they were made by so many different artists and may not have been cleared for use in such a format. Still, just because something might be difficult to pull off does not mean it shouldn’t at least be considered; it would potentially be both a good promotional tool for conventions and stuff and even a moneymaker in its own right.

I think every author should follow the lead of @Morgan_V and put their name right.there.on.the. cover.image as was done with the Soul Stone War image.

I mean, we should have doing this years ago.


This is a historical problem.

For a long time, art was primarily made for iOS. For iOS, there can be no text on the art. This is why all the old art has not text.

It was only around, say, 2013 or so that Google started using the promo images that needed titles, but that was always a backseat to Steam which we started on around 2014.

Which is not to say it’s a bad idea…maybe even a good one…but there’s reasons why it’s been the way it’s been.