Choice of Games on Reddit


In case anyone cares, I started a subreddit for Choice of Games.


Sorry, but what is Reddit? I really have no idea what that site is supposed to “be,” exactly. All I’ve heard of it is some of my real life friends telling me, “Don’t ever go on Reddit. You’ll get addicted to it like all of us who use it.” Excuse my ignorance, but I’m not really caught up in all the social media things… Or ANY social media things, for that matter, if indeed that is what Reddit is.


It’s exactly what their motto says: the internet’s front page.


reddit is the best lol


I dunno. It’s fun to check up once in a while. People post some pretty interesting stuff. Something to do when you’re bored. Though recently, I’ve just been posting on this forum when I’m bored. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t usually check Reddit for anything, but it’s a good publicity tool. I know that I got at least a few thousand extra plays from my first game (Master of Fortresses) having a presence there.


I use Reddit, so I think it’s a good step towards publicity!


what is Reddit? I’m Spanish no one talk about that here it’s like Facebook? tweeter? sorry for me is like Chinese


Reddit sounds like rabbit


@P0RT3R I imagine Raditz trying to fight Goku after he steals his son


@2Ton I agree