Choice of Games and Hosted Games Recommendations -- Consolidated Thread

I really like games with dragons and such but if there is not going to be a sequel of Choice of the Dragon well there at least be more games with dragons?

Have you tried Dragon Racer? It’s under Hosted Games instead of Choice of Games, and it’s really good!

It’s the only one I can think of off the top of my head–will let you know if I remember any others featuring dragons!


Here is WiP where you can be a dragon!

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We need some good free kingdom games here you can be the king if there are some pls tell me

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Is there a game that is free to play the whole thing?

(But if you can you really should try the paid ones! It’s always awesome to support the authors :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

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@Grindelwald so your ask for recs was from ages ago, but I was idly scrolling up this thread and saw it. Did you see Fate of the Storm Gods release?

Also, just browsing the Hosted Games tag here, The Soul Stone War gives the PC possession of a godly artifact, War of the Gods has the PC duke it out with the god of death, The Saga of Oedipus Rex is about trying to defy/overcome the gods’ fate for the PC, and Slayer of Evil centers on grappling with new divine powers. If you’re in the mood for lesbian werewolves, Moonrise has a god-like love interest and the PC can attain god-like power.


Just in case I had missed things since it has been months, I’d like to check here again for suggestions.

I’m looking for games with romance, though not necessarily with romance as focus, where the ROs can actually take the first step and pursue the MC even if the player did not flirt with them (nor indicate attraction, in case of games with “shy flirt” options). I don’t see many of these, to be honest - aside from Samurai of Hyuga, of course.
It doesn’t have to be all the ROs, by the way. Basically, what I’m looking for is a very organic game in that regard, where some people need to be pursued, and others will pursue the protagonist.
I do need these ROs to be male though (or not gender-locked), since I only ever select male ROs.

As a general rule, I’m more into roleplay-focused games. If it’s heavily stat-reliant, I probably won’t like it, because I can’t be bothered to min-max stats and it takes out the enjoyment for me. Balanced games are okay though!

It doesn’t matter if the game is finished or just a WIP, but if WIPs are suggested, I’d rather like active ones.

Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You might enjoy The Wayhaven Chronicles, which is a roleplay-focused vampire romance game series that can also be platonic. While the ROs don’t quite come on to you, they will all be the gender that you set them to (so all male, all female, or two of each).

Keeper of the Sun and Moon is a bit more stats-heavy, but it’s a fun supernatural school game wherein PC is the chosen one. Two of the ROs will come on to you if your orientation includes them, however, if you reject them, you don’t suffer relationship penalties and remain friends (it’s a very low stakes proposition). You can also break up with your ROs, and two of the ROs (not the two that ask you out) can initiate the breakup if your personality stats don’t mesh with theirs. It is, however, pretty monogamous.


I know both games!
Wayhaven Chronicles I adore, but it’s in the category of “shy flirt” options, where I still have to “tell the game” my character is interested. I do like the system, but I wish for more of a surprise (and F’s flirting doesn’t really count since they just are like that).

Keeper of the Sun and Moon is a nice game too, though well, my chosen RO doesn’t really fit that trope!

Still, thank you for suggesting!


Fallen Hero: Rebirth does this- Partly in book one, but especially Fallen Hero: Retribution (wip currently) where the rest of the RO’s appear.


I wonder if the reason why not many games write “forward” ROs is a. coding issues, and b. potential for creepiness.

Ah, it is true, yeah… I tend to forget about the doc though - sadly, not interested in them.
Other characters can go for that in Retribution? Who?
Thanks for reminding it though! The doc’s not for me, but it may interest other people!

There was a lenghty topic about that called “Make romance a two way thing” I believe? You can read all sorts of opinions there. But it ended up being closed cause it got out of hand, and it’s better not to go into details here - it’s for suggestions after all :rofl:
But you can check it out if you want - shouldn’t be hard to find.


Have you played UnNatural?

It’s an urban fantasy which was written in the style of a TV show.

“Season One” is out already and I’m currently writing “Season Two” which is already over 371,000 words


Ah, that’s one I didn’t play!
I’ll check it out!


Steel, Herald and Lady Argent!


Oh, nice to know! I’m already playing Fallen Hero, but I wasn’t planning on doing other romances than Ortega’s. I’ll reconsider then!

Hello people!
I’m looking for a historical, non fantasy romance with gender choice. So far I’ve only played Creme de la creme that fits this.

Maybe check out Tally Ho! and Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale. They aren’t exactly romances, but there are plenty of opportunities to interact with the ROs in various wacky situations and they all have their own personalities and quirks. It’s the only historical, non fantasy game with a decent amount of RO interaction I could think of. There aren’t really many games that fit your criteria perfectly, unfortunately.

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I’m fine with the main focus being drama or political themes in that case, just no or minimum action, haha.

And I see, I’ll check those suggestions out! Although last I remember, Jolly good had multiple parts, so can you tell me where to start? Or am I misremembering it?