Choice of engine GUi

i’m a huge fan of CoG and I’ve played almost every one if them
I’ve been trying to write my own story but i just can’t.
whenever i see the engine i just freak out and close the whole project
I just can’t relate to the interface
is there any way someone could make a GUI for the engine
it doesn’t have to be pretty or special
just hide the codes and let me edit the game as i read it, the same GUI that is used in game could be used in the engine, i don’t think that would be hard
i just don’t understand the language and have no experience in GUI creation so if someone could make it that would be greatly appreciated.

Well, I don’t think that GUI is the correct term, but I think this Tool(chronicler) is worth a try for you.

looks promising, i’ll check it out right now

that is exactly what i wanted , but is has a couple of problems
Most importantly it doesn’t export to any usable format
and secondly i can’t write in it with Persian language because it crashes

Well, in those cases, you should PM the author of the Tool itself. I’m not the author itself, you see.

yeah, i realized that as soon as i responded here :slight_smile: