Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



The thread is 2 years old so I will say is an okay number of comments. Now the Kingdoms wip, that one really blow up with 18k comments in 8 months.


Pretty sure that WIP has been on hiatus for months now but yeah there are some really old threads that are still going like Guns of Infinity for example. I’m positive about that thread being over 5 years old and it’s still going but really, it’s all the readers that still has a interest in a certain story while the author chimes in once in a while.


Is it finished??? I don’t wanna read comments in fear of spoilers


This is still a WIP and being rewritten as we speak. The author will update the current demo once the rewrite of the demo is complete.


No not even close to being finished at all. Rohie is currently rewriting the story so there’s going to be some major changes like having Zeus as your father while before, you could choose Posideon, Hades or Zeus.


How long will the story be?


2-3 months because she is working a second wip but still 2k comments every month " whistle" that one really blow up.
Ps I think my phone my die, I wrote this like 5-10 minminutes ago but it froze.


Only Rohie knows for sure.

I heard a rumor a looooong time ago that it was going to be a series but at this point, anything is up for speculation. Don’t take my word for it since it was only a rumor.


Um. Um. I was completely ignoring Santi but suddenly… I’m woke. :open_mouth:


Ugh I was ignoring him too… Forget it,I still do :laughing: (he’s to found of himself for my tastes,the kinda of person who says “you know what else is beautiful? Me”)


Welcome aboard the Vito train. There’s more than enough room, for it is a luxury machine, from buffer to caboose. :wink:

He was my magnificently-eyebrowed boy for Santi way back when.

¡viva argentina!

Goodness, seeing as how the changes to this forum’s formatting have since turned my last FC post to inelegant clutter, it might be a lark to update soon with some far more inspired selections…

I giggled.
Honestly, my question when walking out of the house every day.[/misanthrope]

And even more mirth, based on science:


My, my, my.

Quizzy found here, my fellow divinities.

Gods help the souls who are meant for Zeus. You are truly taking one for the team.


Directions unclear, applied cheese grater to Aeson’s abs.

Caesar salad is now bloody.


This just made my night! Lmao great joke right there


aeson more like baeson :eyes:


Jokes aside, I feel like the first physical aspect of Calypso that would draw in Evander’s gaze would be her tattoos (heck, I imagine he gave Sage’s arms a good glancing at too). And knowing Calypso, she would probably be pretty aware of what exactly was drawing in his gaze, though what she would do once discovering this little tidbit is anyone’s guess (I’m a little inclined to think that she might do something similar to how she interacts with them in her little romance teaser).

Wonder what the other ROs would do if they noticed that a particular physical feature they had seemed to be drawing in the Bearer’s attention in some way…? :thinking:


Calypso having abs would be more than enough to make Aegon have a nose bleed and bite his bottom lip.

Damn, now when I think about it, the more I like it.

Loki wouldn’t care about it since he is more attracted to the personality so Sage is giving Avery competition for that.

My top WIPs as of right now

The Avery short made me squeal in delight. Like damn, don’t hold back girl. Go for it!
It just made my day. Thanks Rohie!

Also I’m fairly certain that Elias is going to romance Avery. Now I just need to figure out who’s brave enough to handle Electra. :thinking:


Fuck yeah, I got Hades as my soulmate!! (But why did they use his Roman name, wtf?)

Your soulmate is Pluto, and your predominant psychological trait is Intellectuality.
You enjoy reading, meeting complex people, and carrying conversations to a higher level. Your imagination is brilliant, and pushes you to higher academic achievement. You are full of ideas, and interested in scholarly quests. Your motto is: “An expenditure of words without income of ideas will lead to intellectual bankruptcy.” That’s why your soulmate is Pluto. He was the mysterious King of the underworld and the dead, and your lover in your past life. You are the reason his place among the Olympians is unusually ambiguous. He was so madly in love with you that he abducted you to be his wife and the queen of his realm. His love for you gave him special sympathy and insight into lovers parted by death.

Hmm…do I dare retake the quiz in the mindset of my Bearers?

What sorts of horrors will the answers reveal???


We all know your souldad (same as Violet and Fay’s) would be Zeus seeing how thirsty you can get over Aeson :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Not you personally. Your Bearers.


I got Hermes. I can’t copy the text. :joy: