Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



The bugs are still there, they will be fixed in the next update.


I seem to have run into a bug near the beginning, where when after naming my male character, about two clicks later, it leads me to a list of female names. It doesn’t do this when I try and make a female character.


They’re aware of this bug for sure, it should be patched in the next update, from what others have been saying. I’ve run into it too when I choose not to skip the prologue.


Precisely. That, and you already know about the bug with Poseidon as the MC’s father (“fish daddy bug”, as it’s usually called here). As I more or less remember it, there was a major re-write of the game a few months ago (…and then the thread got closed and re-opened again). Before, there was no prologue–a lot of that info was when the MC was first sent to the hospital and still unconscious. And Rohie’s working on patching the bugs along with parts of the game that are still works in progress.


Well, if I remember my Euripides, Pentheus was the grandson of Cadmus, who was related to the gods (his sister was one of Zeus’ lovers)…so yeah, you’re right, it was certainly a family matter.


I suggest that we rename it the “Innsmouth bug.”


I move for dubbing it “The Percy Jackson Syndrome”.


What, you don’t like H.P. Lovecraft references? :stuck_out_tongue:


2nded!! All in favor say aye!!


I only read the first… two books back in junior high but I remember enough that I think if the MC gets Poseidon as his/her dad, they should get that cool af pen-sword thing. Or was that more Zeus’ thing? God, I need to read the series again.


Anaklusnos. Best ballpoint pen ever made.

I do


So just for fun, I went back to a few of the old posts, when I reread this post by @Alexodia:

…And then the following remark by @ashestoashes018:

… O_O

I don’t know if they were just screwing around and just making a reference to the actual Greek story of Adonis (a different Adnois; not our Fire-Forged Flirt) or if @Rohie had brought Adonis’ family situation up in more detail at some point. But if it were true, our Fire-Forged Flirt’s family situation would be much more complicated than I originally thought.

So just for fun, here’s a question we can all think about: how common do you think it is for the Twelve to adopt children who hold no blood ties to them? If Adonis really was adopted, what would’ve been Aphrodite’s motives for doing that? If he truly is a Demigod like the rest of his friends, then who would his actual Godly parent ( clearly it’s gotta be Hephaestus, considering his genuine love for blacksmithing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )?

And speaking of possible adoptions, why is it Zeus that steps forth to give Saint his blessings? Are he and Saint really related by source? Does he feel like he has something to gain out of being the technical father of the Bearer’s brother? Or is it out of sentimentality and due to a promise he may have made to Priscilla, who may have gained the genuine affections of all the possible fathers the Bearer had?


do yoi mean Aeson? Persephone is not Aeson’s mother. Adonis is Aphrodite’s son, Saint is Priscilla and Zeus’ son. He can be your full-blooded sibling.Adonis is the child of Hades and his mother.

Hope that answered all your questions. The FAQ is valid until such time as the update comes out.


Figured I completely misread those posts. It seemed like you guys were talking about Donny. :sweat_smile:

Have to admit though; it would’ve been an interesting twist. Donny being a child adopted by Aphrodite (either due to thinking she could gain something out of it or due to feeling a genuine bond with the child), and becoming her latest Favorite despite not technically being a child related to her sounded pretty cool.

It almost would’ve seemed like the Goddess of Love actual depth to the way she handled love…too bad it was just a crack theory my finals-tired brain ended up creating.

Ah well. It was fun while it lasted. :laughing:

…Wait a minute.

Adonis is the child of Hades and his mother.

:neutral_face: …!?:fearful:

You meant Aeson, right? Because if Adonis was another child of Hades, then our Uncle has A LOT of explaining to do. :sweat_smile:


Ah, I did. Okay, let’s officially update the FAQ.

The Godly Parents of the folks are as follows:

Saint: father Zeus, mother Priscilla. He is your half-brother through Priscilla. He can be your “full” brother, but godly DNA doesn’t exist; see above.

Adonis: Aphrodite, father unknown.

Aeson: your soul. Father is Hades, stepmother is Persephone. Mother unknown. Can be your “half-brother,” but, again, godly DNA doesn’t matter.

Calypso: Ares. Mother unknown.

Sage: Hermes. Mother unknown.

Santiago: Apollo. Mother unknown.

Avery: fully mortal. Mother is a cool healer. Father unknown.

Psyche: Demeter. Father unknown.

As for bugs: they have been noted and will be addressed. @Rohie has been working super duper hard.

Anything I should add to the Unofficially Official :tm: FAQ? Let me know, and I’ll do an Official Unofficially Official :tm: FAQ Update.

Btw, Saint is NOT adopted by Zeus. He is, indeed, Zeus’ son. What makes him special is that Priscilla is his mother.

As we know from recent updates that include her more, she is a very important mortal.


Why does Avery creep you out? :sweat_smile:I would think the girl with the the anger issues and habit of machete stabbing would be the one that invokes the most warning bells out of all the ROs.

She is also one of the few people who seem at least somewhat willing to give the Bearer the benefit of the doubt.

You mean Hermes and Apollo? [quote=“ashestoashes018, post:10552, topic:15482”]
Btw, Saint is NOT adopted by Zeus. He is, indeed, Zeus’ son. What makes him special is that Priscilla is his mother.

As we know from recent updates that include her more, she is a very important mortal.

And now I even more curious about her relationship with the Trinity (and how Poseidon or Hades end up possibly being the father for the Bearer rather than Zeus, who already had a child with her). I guess I’ll just keep guessing scenarios until something eventually makes sense of the situation (and yet still get shocked when the full story comes to light in the game since it turned out to be something COMPLETELY different :laughing:).


That just makes her more alluring :smirk:


I haven’t played the public version of the game since, like, last June or July, lol. Forgive my botchy memory :laughing:

As for Sage, at least she’s up front.

Avery gives me the creeps, because, well, reasons. She doesn’t feel all there.


I’m not a beta, but? Sage is a child of Hermes, and Santi is a child of Apollo. Avery is mortal, and her mother was a prominent healer which is why she’s @ the Institute in the first place.
Smth tht I was wondering abt because it might be a continuity problem, is why Athena wasn’t able to deduce our parentage through some unintentional demonstration of our godly powers? I mean, I know they manifest over time and there was a blocker put on us, but tht was smth tht confused me since the only way our powers never, ever manifested themselves is if the blocker was put on us as very, very young children. I’m not certain, I just thought tht we’d have done something to indicate who’d fathered us I.E a child of Poisedon might manipulate water, a child of Hades might, well, something undeniably Hades, and a child of Zeus could have done smth to the weather or whatnot (I’m not sure abt Zeus demigod powers and I don’t want to check).


We don’t demonstrate those powers, because we are the Essence. Our magic is far, far more powerful.

There was a blocker put on us to keep us from many things.

Our magic manifests itself as a color, rather than just an element.