Checkpoint/Saving system


I would HIGHLY suggest this solution:

Edit: I just realized I was the last person to suggest something and man did I go small back then. Silly 18-days younger me.


Thank you. I was thinking, what everyone suggested would work with the stat variables, but couldn’t really help with the inventory system. Either way, I will try it out, I am working on a closed project right now, so the save system isn’t a high priority right now. Again, thank you though. :smile:


Perhaps a *go_sub would benefit from this.

Creating a .txt file where all the variables are transposed might translate to a little elbow grease, but would pay off in the future with just a ‘*gosub checkpoint’ command at the beginning of selected scenes.

P.S. I apologise if I’m reviving a dead topic (last response was in July, but the forum showed me a ‘New/Updated topic’ and here I am, contributing to the internet.).