Checkpoints and Stats

There was a similar post but it didn’t quite touch on the question I have. The game has competition areas that if you don’t get enough points, you have to start back over to the checkpoint to try and get the number of points to properly move on. The problem though is that the checkpoint is basically at the beginning of said competition and there’s the ability for the reader to have increased certain stats and having a checkpoint means they are bringing those stats with them and doubling them.

Is there any way to have the stats that the reader acquires in said chapter to restart as if they had never played the chapter?

. . . I hope this make sense . . .

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Well, I am really dumb and dull at understanding stuff. So I didn’t quite get what you want to do with the points though. What I think I understood was you wanted the stats to reset back to what they were before dying at the checkpoint? Checkpoint/Saving system
There’s talk of saving variables into a backup one and I personally use that for my own game.

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Basically, you can just have a second set of variables which are set to the stats at the start of every chapter, and then reset the stats to these values if they restart.

Or you could just let the players have the extra boost, because they obviously didn’t get enough stat points the first time around. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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How do you do the saving variables? I use the saving function to and was reading saw this *sm_save 0 | false | but I’m still trying to figure out how it works and so on.

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Let’s say you want health.
Create it in startup.
*create health 100
Now make a backup.
*create shealth 0
Now, once a character is saving in a checkpoint: *set shealth health
So if the player had 90 health, the backup is 90 too now.
Once the MC dies, do *set health shealth
So the health becomes whatever it was before death.