Changing the forum's color scheme


We can easily change some of the colors on this forum. To what?


Note that one thing that we can’t easily do is make the left/right margins a different color from the main content. Changing the “secondary” color will change the background of the entire post and the left/right margins.

That means we probably don’t want to use Vanilla’s blue color for the “secondary” color, unless you want to read all posts with a blue background! (Hint: you don’t)


The post/thread view is not so bad, the avatars and rules help divide everything up there, so I don’t much mind that.

It’s the front page/topic overview that bothers me the most.
The chosen colours I’m not too fussed about (though I tend to find darker themes easier on the eyes) but I feel like this sort of thing with the coloured margin and alternating thread colours would be a great help:


I second that. Dark grey background with light grey text maybe? The thing is, the more it contrasts, the harder it is on the eyes. My eyes hate white backgrounds, at least on computer screens.


@MutonElite i agree with everything you said


Uuuh, the blue one! I like it, make the text white and it’ll be just like old times! :smile:


I second that noogai.


I wouldn’t change any of the colours. I was used to the light blue too, but I’ll get used to this too. I prefer it as is, since it’s all nice, clean and easy to read.


In all honesty I whould prefer something faint as the background color such as light grey or light blue. Just please do no bright colors(yellow,red white)


I love the new forums! The colors are fine, except I miss the blue header at the top. Might be worth changing? As you scroll down it would go away anyway, but it would feel more familiar.


@dfabulich if you set “header secondary” to a light blue, you can have a blue header!

Or maybe a lighter version of the orange you have on top?


All I’d change are those brown boxes to be blue or green, or something easy on the eyes