Changing the Character Sheet with brand new stats. Is it a good idea?

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

In my Last Dream W.I.P. game I am trying quite a bunch of bold choices.

One of them is changing the Stats when the game reaches 75%.

That should, IMHO, simulate that the MC acquired a NEW, higher level of self-awareness. Changing the Stats, IMHO, helps to understand that you changed.

Of course, you keep your name and all the other stats you decided yourself when you started the game.

What do you think of it? Is this a good idea? Or should I stick to the ‘older’ stats?

Please let me know.

Any hints, suggestions, or dire scolding are always welcome.

Thank you, everybody, for your time and dedication. :love_letter:

  • Yes, changing Stats halfway is a good idea! I definitely like it! (and I explain why in the comments below).
  • No, that’s a bad idea (and I explain why in the comments below)

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The main problem you should face is: how do I menage stats checks?

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What exactly do you mean by changing stats? Like changing what name they appear as under the stat screen? Or using a new set of stats (with separate variables) altogether?

If its the former, Samurai of Hyuuga and Professor of Magical Studies both did it well. In the former, it was used to represent a lost of self and a change of perspective when the MC twisted the concepts of what the stats represented. In the latter, it was used to show growth and how different skills were still useful, but applied differently as a student grows up and becomes a teacher.


Professor of Magical Studies does this, sort of - in the flashbacks to when you were a student, you build up your stats whose names change when you are in the “present”. I quite liked that as a sense of having changed over time.

I would advise not having the stats you’ve built over the earlier part of the game vanish/become useless or irrelevant though. That would feel like the earlier stat-building didn’t have any effect, even if they had impact earlier on.


Samurai of Hyuga does a change in name only though (twice), and stats checks are basically irrelevant in the serie.

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Thanks, everyone, for your opinions.

To make things clear, I will post here some screenshots.

First sheet:

That’s how the sheet looks like for the first part of the game.

Then, when the MC ‘awakens’, it looks like this. All other ‘text’ parameters stay the same. Only ‘occupation’ changes.

I followed @HannahPS advice. Path of Enlightenment and Spirituality both derive from the previous stats (Egocentric, Visionary and Orthodox).

The six Mantras too derive from the six previous stats.

I hope things are more clear now.

Thank you again for your time and for your important opinions. I love you all. :love_letter: