Changing Stats Screen


Rather easy question that I can’t seem to figure out…

On the stats screen, how due you put “spaces” in between your categories so that everything is clumped up?


Here a example of my game code

[i]Curriculum vitae[/i]
  text name Name
  text last_name Last name
  text race Race
  text gender Gender
  text social_rank Social Status
  percent decorum Decorum
  percent fight Fight 
  percent magic Magical powers
  percent seduction Seduction
  percent wisdom Wisdom
  percent  beauty Beauty
  percent bellum Bellum
  percent knowledge  Knowledge
  percent arcanum Arcanum
  percent ancient Ancient traditions


That solved one of my questions…but when I try that, there would be no gap between the “Social Status” and “Skills”…or between You and Name, and Charisma and Foreign…

<pre \*label chart [b]You[/b] \*stat_chart text Name text Rank text Reputation text State percent Marksmanship percent Tactics percent Charisma [b]Foreign[/b]


Use *line_break when you want to skip a line, or use
to skip a normal paragraph amount. The stat screen codes weird :wink:

  text statname
  text otherstats
  text morestats



Thank you, I was forgetting the underscore between line and break…