Changing how stats work between games?


Would it annoy you if a game series changed how it dealt with your stats in a sequel?

For example in Unnatural the three main stats; physical/mental/will are measured in numbers i.e 65/50/15. For the sequel I’ve been thinking of refining it and changing it so instead of a number you have a “grade” (from E to A) the story reason involves the player character having their own group and are grading everyone. (this means the character profiles would also show the grades of your teammates too)

How the grade would work is the game would take your stat and set the new one

i.e 0-19 = E, 20-39 = D, 40-59 = C, 60-79 = B and 80-99 = A

so the example stats above would become B/C/E.

However I’m a bit worried that changing the stats like that would confuse people and/or annoy them. So some opinions would be appreciated.


I’m Spanish and we don’t grade things in letters never. So I would look states confusedly :-? I wouldn’t know if my stats improving for choosing a style or a path and I could end with a bad ending just for don’t have any stat in the number correct. I’m a stat whore, I am looking them constantly, I come from a tablet rpg and a hardcore western rpg background so a number based stats or a roll dice stats are a must have.

Another issue is fact that I never improve any magic or azure hability never absorb a simply soul, i got more 100 humanity well game assumed im a master in arts and i only could win using magic . Its not believable that with 10 power i could created badass spells and winning. I know that probably i am the only one that following the path powers are evil and i don’t want used them and lost my soul, but a small way to win without magic could be welcome .


I have yet to try that game, but spontaneously I would say that if you have a stat that won’t change until it’s increased/decreased by 20, then you’d probably want to make players aware of this fact, that it will take some effort to make a difference, in which case you could put in a disclaimer explaining the system at the start of the sequel.

Otherwise perhaps make it AA AB AC etc, or A1 A2 A3, to easier show progression. If it’s a school setting or similar, then the grading makes sense any way you put it. If in doubt, you could always show both numbers and grades, at least for the MC.



They should be ways to take down most monsters without your powers. You need high stats in physical if attacking or high mental if shooting. I’ll try and do a non powers guide.


I could always have ranks 1-5 instead that could be clearer. To be honest its partly to make beta testing easier.


Yeah ranks 1 5 could be easy to track down stats, at least for me


Personally, thumbs down.

If you’re going to change it, then you should really go back and change things in the first volume and ship a patch, so things go smoothly between the two.

But I don’t know what you’d want to use letter grades anyway. If you want letter grades, just show letters in choicescript_stats instead of showing the value of the number.



Is there anyway of letting testers carry over their stats from the first game during testing? I was only considering this to make the testing easier.


Just had an idea would it be possible to use the password function of choicescript (*show_password) at the end of one game then use the password (*restore_game) in the other game? If it does work it’d be an easier way of helping to make it easier to test?