Changeing BG color?

I have a question concerning how to change background color for choice script. I’m testing my game right now and I really need to change it to a dark background with white letters , I tried looking on other threads but the link I tried to follow was broken.

If you’re hosting your game on Dashingdon, you can do this easily enough by going into the game’s settings (on Dashingdon) and customizing what appearance you want to choose. (This includes a dark background with white font.)

However, that only applies to the game as long as it’s being hosted and played on Dashingdon, so to permanently change the background of your game, you’ll need to edit the game’s Style.css file. You can find out how to do that here. There is also a color change mod that someone made here. Hope that helps!


Thanks a bunch! Yeah I’m restarting the game every few minutes or so and I had to re select it every time out of the menu and it was starting to strain my eyes.

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