Centering Text


I’ve recently encountered a problem while using Choicescript, and that’s the ability to center text.
While trying to incorperate images in my game, I’ve found the need to add captions at the bottom of images, like so:

This is a Magic Circle used by Spectors while casting spells.

I can’t seem to find any center commands or a way to center text under the image (using spaces isn’t exactly and normally will cause an error, i.e. “Indent not expected, line #”), by default the text will lean towards the left, is there any fix to this? And if not, can we expect an update with a new center command?


You can add the functionality yourself, but there’s no officially supported method yet.


@CJW I see, thanks for the information then.


Your gamebook seems really intricate and like a labor of love already :slight_smile:

One thing you could do is put the label as part of the image


Sorry for the revive, but I am running into the same issue currently. I want to center the chapter number and chapter name on the screen. How would I add that in myself, and when do you think a supported command would be added to the script?


As far as I know it’s still not supported, though I haven’t tried recently. If it isn’t, I think you’re out of luck with that for a while. What I have seen is people using images for chapter titles (see @Cataphrak’s Infinity series for an example), which you can center, oddly enough.