Centering text?

Is there a way to centralize text in choice script?

You mean like alignment? According to the wiki, there is not. But there’s a way around it by using an image instead. Hope that helps!

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Do note that images won’t be accessible to blind readers, (Mod edit: this is not really precise, see below) so I would suggest just using text instead - but if you’re going for the image route, remember to add in a description of what the image is about, so they won’t miss out :slight_smile:


To make a text only image accessible to users who use screen readers, make sure that you include alt text. To do so, do this:

*text_image prologue.png Prologue: A Bedtime Story

or, if the image has color and/or is not on a transparent background:

*image prologue.png Prologue: A Bedtime Story

For this:

Prologue: A Bedtime Story

I did a more involved post about chapter headers here, which is basically the main use of this: