A small guide to accessibility in Choicescript

Since starting to write my games I’ve learned quite a bit about how to make games more accessible to people. Here’s what I got, and I hope people can add more. (Especially since I don’t often see this come up)

Screenreader and line_breaks
Doing double *line_breaks can mess with screenreader. Better use a plain free line

Fancy Formatting, Images and text
Sometimes we wang to have the text do tricks to lock fancy. Screenreader will stumble over this.
Best solution (i personsally still need to apply) would be to make an image and have the image description read the way it is meant to be read.

Trigger/Content Warnings
Whether you put them at the beginning of the game, unto a page in the stats or with every chapter, TWs/CWs aren’t spoilers and having them is something your readers and game will benefit from.

More of a general one, but please, be it for stats, vocabulary or cast, a glossary is always a plus.


Sorry, still a newbie to ChoiceScript, can you give an example of what this looks like in code? A double *line_break vs. a plain free line? I certainly want to make my story accessible.





Ah, ok, that’s what I thought that meant! Thank you :slight_smile:

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