If spaces and tabs = indentation, how to move text?

All I want to do is move the title text on the stat screen over a few spaces, to center above the stat table. Anyone know how to do it? I might be missing something obvious.


Spaces/Tabs is for functional code indentation only, it doesn’t actually indent the text.
There isn’t a supported method to align text in choicescript games, as far as I know.

You can “cheat” and create an image with the text you want “centered” and display that instead. Probably not very efficient, and it won’t match the text on all devices, but hey, at least it will be centered! :stuck_out_tongue:

@Zakkarian I’ll try and tinker with CS in the morning to see if there’s a way to get it to do it because I’m curious, but in the mean time I’d suggest using dashes to get the text where you need it, and as long as you do it on both sides it should look fine.