Caught in a Reverie (Halloween Edition is finally up)



Tsubasa -> president of student’s council (cmmiw :grin:)


Does tsubasa have a club


err… im not really sure… need a confirmation from @Ros_e :blush:


Yes, the football/soccer club. Kudos to anyone that got this reference



Like @Curious_Boy said~ Tsubasa’s the president of the student council, so she has enough on her plate xD

PS. I feel like I’ve been gone so long TwT everything feels kinda different and new xD


I’m sorta wondering if we’ll get to see everyone else’s student card like with Kioshi.


Hmmmm most likely no, since I never planned for any suitable events that required them to show you their student cards xD


That’s cool. Also i forgot to mention the halloween sprites were adorable :blush:.


They were, I liked Tsubasa’s the most simply because of the cute factor


I checked it and it doesn’t work, I just get an error message at each attempt


A typo in sachi’s death scene at end of chapter 2

“did she killed herself?”

It should be “kill” instead of “killed”…


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I have rise from the deaaadddd >w< I know I’ve been away for a long time but I am back to full throttle for CiaR and Yugen. I wonder if you guy still remember these projects

I’ve been considering uploading the full series for open beta instead. Still thinking about it though.

Meantime, will be polishing the content before uploading them up here hehehe


Completely forgot about it :blush:


Jeez, I didn’t even realize that it was THAT long ago since the last update/since the last time I played CinR…

Actually, I sort of forgot that this game even existed, but it is still one of my favorites on CoG. It’s nice to have you back (Not that I’ve ever even used the forums before, but I’m still allowed to say that.)


Of course I still remember Touya! :heart_eyes:

(And Discourse is already telling me I’ve posted too much here… :sweat:)


@Ros_e Never forgot about them just hope that they be back