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Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

As you may have read in the “working on a game thread” I have begun working on a IF time-travel romance.
It’s based on the events of the Trojan War. You play as a modern-day Classical Lit grad student transported back in time and dropped into the role of Cassandra, prophetess and priestess of Troy. (Didn’t you ever wonder how she knew all the things that were going to happen?) Obviously you don’t have a choice of gender, but you get the option to seduce (or
not) many different people, while trying to navigate the power struggles during the Trojan War.

Here is my first tiny playtest. It’s 3 short chapters, around 4000 words. I followed the instructions in an earlier thread, and I hope the link works!

You’ll notice a few things different from a lot of IF/CoG. It’s written in first person (“I picked up the cat” rather than 2nd person “You pick up the cat.”) It’s just my preference as a reader…I feel that reading “You pick up the cat” pulls me out the narrative of the storyline. YMMV… but I just wanted to point out that it is in an intentional choice on my part.

I also feel that my work is more of a novel with choices, than a game…again, that may bother you or not.

Anyway, I’m eager for feedback. Let me know what you think of the concept in general or any dead ends you stumble across…I’m still trying to figure out how to run the randomtest, so there may be errors.

Thanks for having a look!



Seems neat so far what type of romances will be in the game? It seems a bit short but I’m hooked now lol. Will defiantly follow this. I love romance Keep up the good work! I love romance

Yeah, it’s really just the beginning at this point. :slight_smile: Since this is my first game, I just wanted to get some feedback to see what people think.

This is actually taken from a novel I wrote many years ago, so I have around 91k words written in novel form that I am adapting for this…which sometimes makes it easier…and sometimes not.

Thanks for playing! :smile:

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No Problem always glad to help! Just take your time on in and enjoy it!! Can we try to take over a top place or are currently set on one route? Will we visit other places to spy on the enemies or it is purely romance??

Good game so far. How much will our actions affect the outcome of the story? For example, will anything we do allow the Trojans to win the war rather than the Greeks?

At this late hour I find myself searching the forums to find a new writer, Although in not much for romance novels, games, and the likes the historic and war theme certain catches my eye.

I do like the idea about it and how you have the layout the way you see fit ^•^ I like it so far, I’ll be stopping in once in awhile, but just to note an early game stopping error.

line 126 error invalid indent something about if, appeared when typing in ones own name.

Interesting, what you have so far. :slight_smile: Will be keeping an eye on it, see how you deal with all the choices – will they change things you have written in the novel? If so, you have your work cut out, but I think that is what choice is all about; choice should matter. :smiley:

Either way, good start.

line 126, invalid indent, expected at least one in if true block, when you try and input your own name.
Oh and the image at the start doesn’t display properly.

I really like your demo so far :smile:
It’s very interesting and I can tell you put a lot of time and effort in such detailed descriptions :smile:
The only thing that was bothering me a bit, is that I couldn’t choose my own last name.
But anyway I really look forward to find out how the story will continue. Keep up the great work! :wink:

Really enjoyed the demo so far. :smiley: Had an issue with choosing my own name it came up with an error, other than that I can’t wait to see what happens next. :smile:

Sorry it’s a good game but I hate it when games are gender locked

The demo looks promising. I can’t see the image credied at the first page, did others have the same problem?

Thanks for all your feedback so far!

Needing some help with the bug report re: inputting your own name. It works when I play it locally, and when I use the link above. Any ideas why it isn’t working for others? May be it’s a compiling error?

Also with the image…it’s in the mygame folder and shows up on local play. Where do I need to put the file for the compiler to find it?

I’ll add the choice to pick your own last name in the next build. :slight_smile: I’m learning the code as I go and I wasn’t too confident in that section, so I only tried it once. :smile:

Re: locked gender: yeah, I agree that’s a drawback for some people. Because I wanted to to tell the story from a very specific person’s viewpoint, I couldn’t think of a way around it. I actually thought about letting you choose to be male, as long as you were willing to have everyone else believe you were Cassandra as a female, but then my mind got all boggled as to how to write a romantic scene if your partner thinks you are one gender and you turn out to be not what they expected…

I love this so far! I can’t wait for more I always wanted a game where we can interact with greek gods!

Ps is there a chance we will meet (cough romance cough) Hermes? He’s my favorite god!

And lots of good thoughts about plot options! Some I hadn’t really thought of yet. :wink:

@JTAL, the game will definitely be much different from the novel. Up through this point in the game it has been pretty linear, although the choices you make are definitely influencing later events. The storylines will begin to diverge very soon, as the plot gets rolling.

@StarWarsMaster: In the novel there was only one overarching romance, but in the game there are many opportunities to have either flings or longer relationships with characters of either sex. There is one branch in this excerpt that leads to an encounter, if you play it right…although the scene is pretty short. I’m still feeling my way as to how explicitly I want to write those.

@fox_vixen, Hermes does appear. :smile:

@will9265: I might figure out a way to let the Trojans win. I hadn’t thought of that, but it would be a good one. Plotting that out in my head now…

Again, thanks everyone for your help. Will let you know when I add more.

YAYY! You shall be mine Hermes!

@LadyCass – sounds great Looking forward to more. :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed the demo. I’ve been obsessed with Cassandra of Troy for years and years and I’m super excited that you’re developing a WIP based on her. I know that genderlock isn’t preferable for some, but when basing a story off a historical figure, it’s difficult to make both genders available. Guenevere, another WIP, has the same issue.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of this project and I’ve bookmarked it so that I can check back on its progress. Kudos for figuring out how to code for this, I’ve tried before and it boggles my mind every time haha.

I like that it is written in first person and more story like, I think we need more game books like that. The only think I would say is maybe try to add a little emotion so we can know what the main character is feeling and such. and another thought…and I have run into this problem with my own writing… and that is if you do have it written in first person, it feels the main character should have more of a set personality. however, with choices, it can let you pick all kinds of things that won’t match up with one personality, unless u have less choices that one person might pick…however, with all the choices, one could pick a choice that matches one sort of personality then later have the choice to pick something that is totally not in line with the other personality…so…yeah im not sure what one is to do with all that :stuck_out_tongue: just some thoughts…they are kind of hard to write down so i hope it made sense :stuck_out_tongue: I just know that a strong personality is what makes people like the character, and if they dont’ like the character how can they like the game?

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@Generikb, a wise man once said “don’t bring her down, she’s alot like you …and she’ll be richer by far if her dreams come true”

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