Captive of Fortune - Volume Two of Demons Among Men


I actually wanted to know if you can turn the music off, the illustrations are one of the things that sets your game apart in a totally positive. In general I’m quite strongly against this kind of thing where you buy part of the game and then buy another part that was removed specifically for the purposes of selling it later… but I suppose at these prices it’s not really an issue.


Well, the music has a control thingy so you don’t even have to turn it on if you don’t want to. And I think that extras like music and illustrations are different than, say, making the first tenth of the game free and then the rest available for purchase.

A lot of people don’t care about the extra stuff and it’s not entirely necessary for anyone to have, really, so I just think it’s good for people to be able to choose between buying the gamebook for $2 or the gamebook, music, and illustrations for $3. I think people who don’t care about the extras would be disappointed if they HAD to buy the whole thing for $3 instead of $2.


If you’d just included everything in a single purchase I don’t think many people would have noticed that it cost more than it would have if you hadn’t, because you didn’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still, your perspective seems perfectly reasonable to me.


Although CoF is considerably lager than TotDH, it is still on the shorter side, at about 115k words total. So, I think that it might get some bad reviews if it was priced at $3 upfront, at least from the people who didn’t care about the extra stuff. Maybe we’ll just see how it goes.


I hope this works out for you. Unnatural stills gets bad reviews even when it says in the app description that the first two chapters are free and you pay for the rest. I think some people just like to complain.


“I refused to read the description of this product and now I have discovered that it does not match my arbitrary, unbased notions about what it is. This makes it terrible!”

Bug in Captive of fortune

lololol. Sadly, this is what we have to deal with. xD


Good news, everyone! I’m submitting an update to Captive of Fortune tonight, and then Choice of Games will be shipping it to Apple, which means that it will definitely be published this month. Also, I did another word count, and it turns out that after editing, the story ended up being 136,000 words, which is a lot bigger than the 115k I initially thought it was!


@Darth_Revan said, “I’m playing a character imported from the first game, and when you first see the bandits and click on the next page button I get the error startup line 1200: non-existant variable ‘mean’”

The current, buggy version of CoF is 1.0.2. The update will likely be something like 1.0.3. Hopefully it will be updated on Amazon very soon but it won’t be on the CoG website or any of the other platforms until sometime in the next two weeks.


Is there any way to get it sooner, or can I at least get my save from the first game from my iPhone if I buy the game on Amazon? Not too sure on how the saves on the CoG games work


yes it’s the 1.0.2 and still without work


It won’t be updated until another couple of weeks. It should currently be off the Android store because of the bug.

You could ask CoG. I would think you’d be able to load a saved game from Android to Amazon but I’m not sure.

An update to CoF is now out, bringing the word count to 140k and fixing the game-stopping bug. Currently, the story is available on Amazon ( ) and Google Chrome, although it’s only updated on Amazon so far.


I have v1.0.3 of CoF (downloaded from the Google play store) and if I load an imported save I get the error startup line 1200: non-existant variable ‘mean’, but if I start a new game I do not have this issue.


Hey, thanks for reporting the bug. Captive of Fortune has finally been updated and the bug is now fixed with version 1.0.4 on Android, Amazon, and Chrome.




If you’ve already got your copies on these platforms, please consider changing your reviews reporting the game-stopping bug now that the game is playable.


It says item not found on the playstore


I can’t even find TOTDH on the App Store anymore!


TotDH is actually off the app store right now. It had a game-stopping error that slipped through and it’s been updated, but Apple takes forever to release updates so until then, it won’t be available.


Does the link not work? I know that several people have managed to download CoF on Android, but it’s not officially released yet, so maybe it’s only available for the people who beta tested or purchased it before it was taken off of the store because of the bug.


Oh, so I’ll just have to wait for it to come back to the store


The game works fine now, but I can’t press the button to purchase music and illustrations.


Hmm, that’s very odd. You might have to send a report in to CoG using the email at the bottom of the game for this one.


CoF is now out on all four platforms! It should be on CoG’s website by tomorrow. Get your copies here:





As always, feedback, shares, and good reviews are much appreciated. You can ignore the bad reviews on Android and Amazon; they’re outdated as the bug was fixed like a month ago.