Captive of Fortune - Volume Two of Demons Among Men

I’m happy to announce that I’ve finally submitted Captive of Fortune - Volume Two of Demons Among Men to Choice of Games! This title is the sequel to my previous work, Trial of the Demon Hunter.

Continuing your journey to banish the mysterious and elusive demon, you travel to the city of Lorden, where romance and new dangers await. With new allies but even more enemies presenting themselves, the vendetta against you continues, the trials set before you leading you along a dangerous path to face your greatest challenge yet.

Over 115,000 words
Battle bandits, necromancers, ogres and trolls
Music and illustrations to enhance your experience
Finally confront the demon

If you have any questions or comments, I’d be glad to hear them!


I have one, well two actually. One, will we have more scenes with our little imp pal?
And two, do you always write when you have a bowl on your head? :wink:

Absolutely! Your apprentice is the biggest supporting character and he’ll be in every volume. In CoF, you’ll get to interact with him a lot more than you did in TotDH.

No, I only wear it for special occasions. :3

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  • silently squeals in delight*
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Oh I can’t wait! I’ll teach him all the tricks of the trade. (Provided I know them in the first place!)

What kind of music are you adding to the game?

screams YAAAAAAAAAAAY! I have been waiting for this for SO long! you have no idea (trust me) Anyways, quick question! IF, we kept the goblin in the first part alive will she return in this part?

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Hehe xD!

The new soundtrack is done by Andy Why, who also did the first sound track. It’s similar, but there are a lot more “exploring” songs on this one.

Thank you :slight_smile: and Emira doesn’t appear again in this volume, but she does later in the series. Also, it sounds like you haven’t read the updated TotDH :stuck_out_tongue: you should! The update includes new content, bug fixes, substantive editing, improved character interaction and achievements.

@Samuel_H_Young I really enjoyed the music in the first game and felt that they added to the atmosphere of the game. Also will we be getting the chance to buy armour? If so I have an idea for a helmet… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Me too :slight_smile: in my opinion, the second sound track is even better. And you do have a chance to buy more equipment, but not armor, really. You will be getting some amazing armor in the NEXT volume, though. Helmet included. :3

Ah I see. Is the armour all different types of kitchenware? Jokes aside, I really look forward to how the game will turn out. How long have you and Andy been working together?

Thanks! Andy started making music for my demon series about a year ago, and we’ve been writing Colonising Kepler 62e together for about 8 months or so.

Ah yes, Colonizing Kepler. Famous for its “speed walk out of awkward situations”. I’m not intending to be rude but do you have a scheduled year of release for either game? Just curious as to the progress.

Hehehe xD well I’m hoping that CoF will be published around March, and I’m hoping to submit Kepler around June.

Really? Can’t wait to see them bud. How many more volumes do you intend to make of this series and Kepler? Or will Kepler be just a one off?

Romance gets an exclamation point?

@Shoelip No that is your romance option. You are now able to romance a !


Oh, !, I’ve always loved you.


Indeed Cat, ! Does not judge. ! Will always be there for you, brightening even the darkest and dullest of moments.! Is someone we can all aspire to be. Unlike some people, * cough* ? *Cough *


For Kepler, I’m doing one volume (Inception, which will be about 100k words) and Andy is doing the other two. (Evacuation and Old Home.) For Demons Among Men, the series goes like this:

Trial of the Demon Hunter - 85k
Captive of Fortune - 115k
Transitions of Power - 275k
Silence of the Wicked - 300k

Omg xDDD I just got your joke about the helmet. Lololol, spaghetti strainer helmet it is, then!

Of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent! My spaghetti strainer helmet, toaster chest piece and the spork of justice will destroy the demons and keep me safe while doing it!

Wow. 300k for the last book? That’s a pretty big work load. Have you already finished them?

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