CANTR II -Online text based RPG

As a long time COG reader, and occasional lurker, I thought I’d bring this role playing game to the forum’s attention, as it’s something I think people here would really enjoy…~

Cantr II is a 100% free, persistent browser-based role-playing game (PBBRPG) where the world, its cultures, societies, history, religions, buildings and objects are all created by players, playing as the characters that inhabit that world.

You have the ability to play up to 15 unique characters, and it’s up to you how far they are involved in each of their communities. With a rich, living history and support for sixteen languages, the possibilities in Cantr are almost endless. Play as a politician, a pirate, a poet, a feared conqueror, a trader, an artisan, or as an explorer in an ever-changing world that is affected by the choices you make in game.

We are inclusive not only by invitation but by celebrating differences. We recognize the value that everyone can provide. We are hopeful because we see great potential in every player and their characters as a result of their creativity. We also believe that everyone can learn by overcoming challenges.

Cantr caters to many different types of people, whether you’re interested in society simulation, language learning, creative writing, debate, or even math. It’s certainly not just roleplaying and it offers up a casual “play at your own pace” experience. What makes Cantr unique is the combination of text-based roleplay with game mechanics.

TLDR? Here’s a list of what makes Cantr unique:

  1. Text-based roleplay with game mechanics.

  2. All the characters, plot, created items, etc. are directly from the players (no non-player characters). The players create everything and decide what to do.

  3. Many languages together in the same world.

  4. Has a very old history with notes and old characters as evidence.

  5. Intended to represent real life (Earth). No magic.

  6. Game not driven by economic incentives: no in-game benefits of money, creates a consistent niche experience based on game principles.

(IRL) Players have a role in the community, suggesting and approving changes! With a staff team of volunteer players, and a discord where you can contribute your ideas and thoughts, or just to talk to others in a casual way. There’s also a dedicated wiki, as well as a forum.

So, why not check it out? You have nothing to lose, and we are in a pandemic after all… maybe this is your time filler?


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Sounds interesting but also super vague. Is all you do in cantr rp? What kind of language learning is there? Around what time does this take if it’s set on earth? If I do take a stab at it do I hope I run into good people or is there a tutorial to help me out?

Well, it’s hard to explain everything that happens in Cantr, because there’s honestly a lot going on in the game, and a history that goes back to the early 2000’s… As for language learning: the two main languages that people play in are English and Polish, and characters have made in game dictionaries to help speak to people (You spawn a character in one language, and you can rp learning a new language, and actually learn it irl as you go).

If you mean what time period the game takes, its sort of a mashup. It’s not one specific technological age, or century or such. It’s sort of medieval, but there’s also cars, and trains have just been added for faster travel between towns. Now, there’s no guns or phones, and it’s very medieval in the way combat works; swords, crossbows, battle axes, bagh nakh’s… It’s something you kind of have to throw yourself into to figure out how the game world works, but yes, there is a tutorial world called Genesis. It’s not really like the actual game, there’s only a few towns, and there packed full of people and very active, and sea travel isn’t available in this starter world. It’s just to show you how the UI/Mechanics work.

I’d recommend trying it, because if you find its not your thing, you can always deactivate your account and forget about it haha (hopefully you’d stick around, though! You don’t get to experience it all in one day or even one week.)

I tried to play this game but I don’t still don’t understand what I’m actually supposed to do in this game.

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“Do whatever you will” is usually the order of the day. This game seems quite reminiscent of the MUDs of old. You exist in a world - the rest is up to your personal ambitions and whims.

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