Can't log in to the forum with Facebook

I was connected to the forum through Facebook, and when I

Hi @AletheiaKnights

I’m afraid that this is an issue that is beyond the scope of what the forum can help with. In this case, you should contact Choice of Games directly by sending an email to

The forum and its mods are not directly involved in beta tests or site access for games you have purchased.

I’m talking about access to the forum itself.

Looking into the original account, I do not see anything from the forum’s end, so I am sorry to refer you to the same support account above.

@AletheiaKnights was you that was having the problem on reddit or not? If not you may not be the only person having problems with it at the moment. Recommend clearing cookies and cache then try again if you haven’t already.

I agree that logging in to the forum with Facebook appears to be broken right now. The problem appears to be Facebook’s fault.

(Facebook is asking me to fill out a “data use checkup” form, and refusing to allow FB login until I do, but when I click the link to the form, they say that I’m not required—or allowed—to fill it out. :crazy_face:)

In the meantime, you should be able to login with email. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Our team is working quickly to review your case and will get back to you by the end of the next business day. Thanks for your patience.


I’ll probably just stick to this new account I’ve created, since I’ve already found I can get in and out of it easily. My old account was only about a month old, so I’m not losing much by starting over again. (Besides, the Dan Fabulich never commented on any of my old account’s posts! :joy:)

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It’s still broken. Facebook got back to us last night to tell us that they had a complaint about our privacy policy. I clarified the policy and requested that they review it and re-enable login with Facebook.

Hang in there!