Can't login with Facebook


I tried to login and post a message using my facebook account, but it didn’t let me. I had to come in and use the forum’s native “new user” function. Anybody else have this problem or is it just me?


I couldn’t get my Facebook to work, either. Just went ahead and made an account.


I just logged in with Facebook. Try it again?


To be clear, are you referring to creating an account with Facebook, or logging in after creating an account?


Before I had the native forum account I’m now posting under, I tried to login via facebook. It seems to work, but I’m still greeted with, “Howdy, stranger,” and don’t have the ability to post. Now that I have a forum account, if I sign out and then try to log in with facebook, the same thing happens–it still seems to work, but “Howdy, stranger,” is still there without the ability to post.


Did you check your email


Yes. I got:

Hello Flurrywinde!

You have successfully connected to Choice of Games Forum. Here is your information:

Username: Flurrywinde
Connected With: Facebook

You can access the site at

Have a great day!

But when I log in on the site via facebook, what I describe above is what happens. Note how the email says “Flurrywinde”. That’s the username I wanted, but it wasn’t available when I made the native forum account.


@Flurrywinde11 I know what happened there. I rejected the first attempt to join the forum because it sounded like a spam account. We get an awful lot of spambots trying to join the forum, and unless there’s a reason given for joining, it’s impossible to differentiate the spambots from the real accounts.


By “first attempt” did you mean when I tried to login via facebook yesterday? If so, can it be fixed?


Can you try and log in with facebook again? If that doesn’t send another approval message then I think it’s something only Dan can fix.


OK, I tried to log in again with facebook, this time putting Flurrywinde11 as my username. It prompted me for a password, so I gave it, linking my facebook account with the forum native account. Now, it allowed me to log in successfully. However, this is not what I really wanted. I wanted to log in under Flurrywinde (no “11”) through facebook without having to make a native forum account. That is what I tried many times to no avail. When I did it, it told me to leave the password blank, which I did. It then returned me to the forum still saying, “Howdy, stranger.” Well, it’s fine now. I don’t really mind the “11” at the end of my username, but I just thought you guys would like to know that there’s probably a problem with facebook logins.


The problem with facebook logins is that when you initially tried to join the forum you didn’t/can’t write a reason for joining the forum. Without that reason your account looks like a spam account and as such Flurrywinde got denied.