Can I self publish a romance in Hosted Games?

Hi. I am very new here and I wanted to write in Heart’s choice though I think I’ll have to self publish first. My question is, can I self publish a romance along the lines of Heart’s choice in Hosted Games?

edited for clarification: my day job is a romance ghostwriter.

Hello, welcome to forums!

From what I understand, Heart’s Choice is like the Choice of Games romance line wherein you pitch your story and write under the Heart’s Choice brand with their guidelines. One of those requirements is being a published author (whether IF or your traditional medium).

Under the Hosted Games, you’re independent (with shared percentage to HG with sales) and HG is just a publisher of your work. You don’t have to adhere to CoG guideline.

If you’ve done any previous published writing, literary or academic, you can submit a writing sample to the Heart’s Choice editors, and if they like your work they may invite you to pitch them some game concepts.

If you haven’t done any writing before, you’d have to publish your work through Hosted Games. You could certainly publish a romance game there - they’ve published quite a few romance games already, including some of their most popular releases.

Writing for Heart’s Choice and Choice of Games requires staff approval- from proposal submission to draft editing.

Writing for Hosted Games does not require staff approval- they will publish the game so long as it meets the basic requirements: understandable English, no program errors, etc.

You can find more information here: Hosting a Game in CoG.