Campfire Blaze

Hi, everyone!

Is there someone who uses programs like Scrivener or perhaps Campfire?

There is new Kickstarter for Campfire Blaze. I’m thinking of getting $200 pledge as it looks pretty good. What are your thoughts? Is it worth? For world building organization and for writing?

Link for Campfire Blaze Kickstarter.


I think if you are someone who works visually and likes to ‘see’ your story develop this might be worth it. If not it would be a waste of money I think.

Personally I am not a visual learner/worker, text all the way for me. So I have no intention of using Campfire Blaze.

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Well I’m using like dozens of word files, and navigating trough them as the world grows and stories get richer, it gets tedious. :S

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Campfire Blaze will help writers around the world tell better stories

Sorry, but no device can alter your skill at creating a story . You can shove music, pictures…slide…whatever . If you suck, you suck .

I’ve seen this guy, who made a sktech in a Video and used Paint . So he drew the character, the best he could…but man, his humour was GOLD still . even if his drawing wasn’t that good…


Writing is a pain in the ass Gift for a reason…:roll_eyes:

and those pricing . I say look for an alternative…nowdays there are many that are free .

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Thank you for your thoughts. It will release in end of 2020, so I will reconcile with it. Just like the features it offers and ability to organize stuff way better. ^^

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it does look nifty…

But…it also encourage lazyness lol in a way . Faster isn’t better . There is no easy road to writing…:wink:

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Im not looking for easier way in sense of writing, but organizing work in world building. If I need too look at some events that happened, don’t need to dig trough many docs.


didn’t say you were, I said it encourage lazyness…in a general way of speaking .

wouldn’t a file organiser be better then ? for what you need…I mean .

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For this kind of work it might be a good alternative to look for tool related to projectmanaging. There are some cool features that may be used for worldbuilding. The time Management tables are good timelines for example


I’m looking now at Words Navigation Pane, which could work (had forgotten about it).


I’ve seen the page, and I’ve to say, it does look like an awesome project. Personally, by all means, it doesn’t make your writing any easier – beware worldbuilding rabbithole :grimacing:

It kinda feel cheaty that I’m mentioning this, but I’ve been using World Anvil for a good while. I’d say both this and that serve fairly different purpose while they’re functionally the same.

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Hmm, I was thinking of using free version of Wold Anvil back in day, but somehow never got into it. Are you using free or paid one?

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Hi @Kefs

I use Sciviner, so if you have questions about its use, I can perhaps answer them.

Alongside CSIDE, Scriviner is one of my favorite Choice Script game design tools, and I am very happy to say that Scriviner has helped my in my more traditional writing projects as well.

Scriviner will not do the work for you to succeed, but it will assist you in getting to your goals easier.

I beg to differ, tools are very important in helping you refine and improve your natural abilities and will often help you overcome obstacles you might face as well. For example, spell checkers and grammar checkers help me in every writing situation I find myself in.

Scriviner and programs like it will not replace natural born ability, but they do enhance what there is.


The main issue I have is that it’s web-based, and I despise having to rely on a constant internet connection just to have access to something I should be able to work on without internet access. That is, if the stretch goal isn’t met. Yes, there is Campfire Pro, but I haven’t seen any mention of updating it with the features Campfire Blaze will have (beyond a vague stretch goal) and it seems doubtful that they would considering that a lifetime license, if you wanted all of the ‘add-ons’, would cost, at least, $270 USD compared to $50 USD. Excluding the ‘add-ons’ after launch.

With that said, the UI looks nice, generally it looks nicer than Pro, and if it’s going to be as cohesive as the devs claim, I’d probably use it alongside Scrivener.


I didn’t even have my own bank account, so all kinds of internet subscription for me is nonexistent—I’m on the freemen account. But so far, I really don’t have any features I urgently want to use except for custom CSS.

You can, however, earn a “free lifetime” journeyman account by being an “apprentice” of a “grand smith of inner sanctum” (WA patreon backers). I believe you can easily get one by being active on discord (and probably pester one to get you as their apprentice).

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@Lux_Inferni From questions they have answered they are planning to work on it after release if community wishes so.

Also I have everything on cloud and backed up and synced on two PCs (not just only writing stuff). Havent been in situation where internet connection availability would be problem (as in my country its everywhere anyway).

@Szaal How is experience on free version? I tried yesterday evening and come to conclusion that “migrating” to OneNote seems easier and does what I need to. For now.

I find such tools neat, useful to some extent. Its nice to have something extra to create games like these here, adding pictures, music and so on is not bad for these types of games. However i believe that good enough writing does the charm, i remember the first time i read a harry potter book…it sure did not have images in it, but the writing literally put images in my head, i got so into it that for a moment i swear i saw a darn picture in my head of what i was reading. Call me nuts but that is what a good writing and imagination does. Sure beats any software that focuses on such. :ok_hand:

I personally never used OneNote. Heck, I only touched MS Office for academic purpose only.

On WA’s freemen account, it does the job well. The only thing that you might consider as annoyance is the draft-article limitation, but you can circumvent around it by piling your ideas to a single draft anyway.

Might be important to note that WA doesn’t necessarily helps you organize your worldbuilding any better than whatever organizer/management software out there, but what makes me fascinated about it is the environment encourages ideas to expand from one. Thus, beware the rabbit hole.

It also allows you to showcase your world in a wiki-style to the internet – a feature that I’d like to “integrate” on my WiP if I ever get mine published. Kinda like in-depth codex/compendium.


Two days out of the week I go to my grandmother’s house, two days of no internet and I don’t see a need for a USB modem. Cell reception is fairly shitty too if I recall correctly.

I hope they make a desktop version that follows the same model as the web version or a similar model.

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