Buy "Vampire: The Masquerade — Night Road" on Release Day, Get the Caitiff and Tremere Clans FREE

PSA: when you go to tell that female doctor that she’s being cut off and manage to placate her/win the fight. And agree to help for a reward. Do not choose the ring if you don’t have the blood sorcery skill.

Even though it says no knowledge of sorcery is needed, that’s a bald faced lie. I got the ring and have done two missions afterwards, never got any blood magic option or ring option. Probably best to choose the knowledge, though it’s not clear if she’ll teach you magic or just give you data on it. Unlike with that lady in the blood camp, one option says she’ll teach you one of a few vampire disciplines. That wasn’t the case with the doctor, just says she’ll give you texts to study. Whether you learn magic or not remains to be seen. Could be worded better, that’s for sure.

I recommend posting discussion of the game here:; let’s leave this thread for questions about the DLC.

Also, remember to direct bug reports to support AT choiceofgames DOT com.


Wait this is the discounted price I’m right ? :sweat_smile: that means in few days whoever got it will have to buy it at least 10 $ / 12 E (for whoever is outside the states). :thinking: so… :exploding_head: need to hurry :running_man: :dollar:. And I unfortunately just will need to let down on purchase some later release of the month damn taxes :expressionless:

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Yeah after October 1st it’s price will go from $7.99 in US currency to it’s regular price. And that’s if you don’t buy the DLC clans either.

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In World of Darkness lore IIRC, the lower your generation number the more powerful you are. I’m not sure if that’s translated into the game however. I would have to code dive and check or play the game again and check.

Also @Gower I clicked the discussion link and it says the page is either private or doesn’t exist! :pleading_face:

I can’t explain it, but it’s there, I swear. It’s the other Night Road link right up there pinned to the top of the forum.

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That’s weird, but thanks for clarifying!

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Hi!, the email from play store is taking a while but I sent a screenshot of my purchase of my purchase history from Play store

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Is it on sale in the US? I purchased it at launch and it was 9.99.

Yes, it is on sale in the US, as per this annoucement that says it is on sale for 20% off.

Where do you send the receipt to get the dlc?

Just email your receipt—Steam, Apple, Amazon, Google, or webstore—to support AT choiceofgames DOT com and we will grant you a key.

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Not exactly what I meant, I should have been more clear. My apologies on that.

I purchased the game through the Omnibus app shortly after it became available yesterday morning, and I paid 9.99 USD for it, plus taxes. I assumed that was with the 20% off, therefore the game was normally 12ish bucks. There might be a price error on the omnibus app someone may want to be aware of.


Pricing issues and errors are beyond the scope of the forum to help you–but you can get help at the below email address.

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I’ll let them know, then. No big, really, though

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If the receipt is in another language, is it a problem ? The name of the item is in English tho