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My biggest disappointment is that Michael isn’t actually blind. During the scene where MCs met him I thought “If he’s blind and possibly mute (which I believed was the reason behind his electronic voice) but still a leader of criminal organisation, he must be super smart and capable. A criminal who doesn’t enter actual combatt due his disability but plans everything? Hell YEAH! I woudn’t mind being an underling for such dude.” My hopes were brutally crushed when he turned out to be just an ordinary guy. :frowning:

What also bothered me is that MC doesn’t have a clear objective. Why do they help Archangels, what do they want to achieve? Some games let players chose motivation for main character, some have an already set goal for them. In Breach I can more or less guess what MC might want but it never gets brought up in the game. Do they want to do a right thing and put Archangels in jail (if playing as a detective), learn about their parents as Gabriel suggested in the beginning, protect Mouse, amass money, make valuable connections or earn favors? We don’t really know. Which is very unfair since side characters all have their own goals: Mouse wants to help MC, Justin pays off his debt and Carly wishes to clear her family name. I’m not sure about Kaz since I didn’t get enough time to hang out with all crew members.

It’s understandable that a lot of effort went into weapon/mask/wardrobe customisation and all game variables must be awfully hard to juggle but some flavor text or ability to joke or a motivation for MC just to shape them out more wouldn’t have hurt.

I also have a question

Is Gabriel MCs brother or some other relative? He puts a lot of trust into them by making MC a crew leader straight away which is strange. I also played Game+ as a cop and Gabriel was genuinely sad that MC decided to stick with FBI. He also knew they were an informant all along? Whew, too much trust for some rando criminal. If I’m right, that’s a pretty neat twist especially on a detective playthrough since Mouse is dead and MC doesn’t have anyone close left aside from potential brother/cousin/whatever Gabriel who’s their enemy.

If I’m missing some crucial information please forgive me. I only played through the game twice.

Forgot to mention it earlier. For some reason sometimes when injured there was an option for MC to weeb speak. I think that was the most surprising revelation in the whole game for me. Protagonis is secretly a weeaboo who shows their true colours only in dire situations.

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Short answer, Gabriel is not related to the MC as confirmed by Maxim himself.

Longer answer under the cut, heavy late game spoilers for how he (probably) knows about us/puts so much trust in us


and this might be related to how he knows us, or it might not be


Ha, I actually thought Mike was blind and mute for the same reason and got bummed on the reveal. Sure , I can still imagine that he’s still blind and mute, but I have to remind myself that he’s an ordinary guy on the real deal.
On another topic, Greg would probably feel sad that he’s overshadowed by the cast. It’s not everday you get to see a flamboyant (pusedo-?)priest behind a black market. I do like his interactions, small as they are in amount, especially the one where you happen to visit him early and he’s wrapped in a blanket, iirc.


Kurze Frage wie komme ich an die Toileten rüstung sie ist nicht verfügbar


Short question How did I get the shitty toilet Armour I made a character who is nearly useless and fat (just for fun) the problem is I can’t buy the toilet armor for him because it’s not available?

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In the beginning of the story if you choose to be Shotty, can you avoid shooting against the workers and cops???

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Sorry for the lack of updates, been writing hard for the next game and it should be available as a very short one chapter WIP for patrons by the end of this month, or somewhere around the start of next month. 30 days after that, it’ll be out in public.\

Afterwards, I aim to update them monthly, or if possibly bi-weekly with the hopes that I could dish out early access to patrons before making it to the public. Somewhere near the end of development there will still be an exclusive beta testing outside of the public before the actual final one being released to the rest of the world.

Yup! I remember you :smile: I’ll see if I can put you into the next update.

I try to balance unique characters and awesome characters with believability. Though I fail at times, I do believe that Michael is good the way he is. You will get to see more of him in the 2nd game as I feel that this game is too Gabriel-centric.

This is one of the bigger regrets of the game, not spending enough time on the MC’s own background, motivation, and history that connects them to The Archangels. I’ll definitely be doing more of that in the next game.

The MC is not related to Gabriel, or any of the other Archangels. Though Gabriels have known the MC for quite some time even before they’ve joined The Archangels.

Thank you @heavy_bullet for answering.

Writing them just makes me cringe so hard during development. But peer pressure is a real thing and I tend to listen to the readers while in development, so, yeah… sorry about that.

Greg is most definitely underrated in my opinion. I’ll definitely be focusing more on him throughout the first half of the second game, and then a bit more after that through the Archangels route.

Greg would feel very sad to be left out and overshadowed by the trio.

I wanted it to be an actual armor you could buy, but I didn’t have time to write all of the reactions you would’ve gotten for it, so for now, it’s just a display piece. Though I’m hoping I’ll be able to put it into the game by the next one.

Also @CreedH00d I don’t think there is a way, unless I somehow missed my own writing. (Which is very possible.) I wanted so that the shotty route forces you to use your weapon one way or another, because as a shotty, that is what’s expected of you. Because sometimes in life, you are just dealt a shitty hand… Sorry.


I see… Then if you go FBI’s route you would kill civilians/cops too, right?? Do they let you go free (no accusations/charges)?? …Whoa :sweat_smile:

PS: Thanks for the quick reply :+1:t2:

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Greg is most definitely underrated in my opinion. I’ll definitely be focusing more on him throughout the first half of the second game, and then a bit more after that through the Archangels route.

Oh man. He died in my playthrough. Feels bad man.


Not really without charges or responsibility. :sweat_smile:

Yup, that can happen. Tracy takes over the store instead in the 2nd game.


Vielen Dank für die Antwort ich Hoffe einfach das Durch diese ‘’ Rüstung’’ die ein oder andere Lustige Situation entsteht oder das sich so nen Outfit Soldat fragt Warum Jemand rumläuft wie ne Toilette (ich habe einige der Bissigen Kommentare oder der schlechten Scherze Der Charaktere sehr genossen ich hoffe im nächsten Spiel Kommt so etwas wieder)


Ich bin mal so frei und übersetze Deine Nachricht. Bin mir nicht sicher, inwieweit MichaelMaxwell und andere Nutzer hier Deutsch sprechen.
Bissige Kommentare und Scherze verschiedener Art können wir höchstwahrscheinlich auch für die Fortsetzung erwarten. Gehört einfach dazu, und mit einem Charakter wie Rook geht es auch nicht ohne!
(Snarky comments and jokes of various sorts can be very likely expected in the sequel. They are just a part of the series, and with a character like Rook, it just doesn’t work without those!)

Translation of Colshot’s post:
“Thank you for your answer. I simply hope that this “armour” will create a funny situation or two, or that one of the Outfit soldiers wonders ‘Why does someone run around like a toilet?’ (I very much enjoyed some of the snarky comments or the bad jokes of the characters, and hope something like that will be in the next game as well)”


What happens if Greg dies? I get the feeling that you need to start paying for your own ammo if he did die, but other than that? I like the priest too much for him to die in my playthroughs


I don’t k ow if this is possible because I always fail with… Let him die. Even if I only attack the Godfather or do something els Greg always survive :slight_smile:


If Greg dies:

The people from the church, especially Tracy, will be devastated. There will be a funeral, Gabriel holds a speech. It is confirmed that Tracy is going to take over Greg’s position in the sequel if he is dead.


I should’ve posted this a long time ago after I finished the game but for some reason I didn’t. So here is my review for the game.

I really enjoyed it. The action scenes are filled with excitement and the dice system helps add up to the suspense. The characters are written well and the jokes and references made me laugh from time-to-time.

What I dont like from the game is (This is probably a subjective opinion because I’m a huge fan of crime genres and anything mafia-related) is the game seems a bit unrealistic. If you plan the game to be similar to GTA where you can just shoot up Feds, cops and the military (Maybe a shoot-out against the military in the next game?) then that’s fine. Second is I didnt feel like I was fighting a Mafia gang because the goons are generic white dudes, not the flashy Italian mobsters in three-piece suits like in mafia movies. I hope that the next game makes the Outfit more Italian you know. Give them Italian names or throw-in some Italian expressions during dialogues. Use mafioso terminologies or anything to make us feel like we are up against the La Cosa Nostra.

Still it is a solid game, and it deserves to be part of the Top Ten CSGs. Congrats man! Keep up the good writing.

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Sorry hatte ich nicht dran gedacht
Danke für die Übersetzung ^^

Sorry I forgot to write in English
Thx for the translation


By the way, who is your favorite RO, people???
PS. Still trying to get Raquel… :eye::eye::smirk_cat:


Oh im team Rook all the way. Love that guy! Mouse is pretty great too though…


It did happen once in one of my playthroughs, Greg died, and my heart stop for a moment while I was staring at my phone trying to process it :astonished:

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I usually romance Gabriel. I just find him really intriguing and as excited to really find out more about him in the sequel. :slightly_smiling_face: