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I think this has been asked a lot of times by this point but, will the stat editor be part of the final version of the game?


Which reminds me, while we’re on the topic of post-release matters. What ever happened to that historical dlc pack? Was it cut when you decided to partition the game?


The cheats will still be there, yes.

I still do have a DLC planned for the game. Two of them, in fact. A mission DLC, and an equipment DLC.

The first planned DLC is an equipment DLC. This will include weapons from the historical era, but also original firearms created by VAMcorp. Not only that, this will also include more choice of armor, vehicles, and other shop items.

The second DLC is the mission DLC. Geoff will be able give the players missions from very specific robberies to assassinations… or you can just go to his pub to get a drink or something.


Including or excluding those created by VAM in the demo?


Excluding. There will be new shop items that you haven’t seen in the demo before.



Breach is out here with about 1000 variables, an entire weapon customization system, a d20 mechanic and a word count to rival FUCKING Tin Star, and here’s my wip that’s infuriated me so much that I had to buy another stress ball.

No, that’s it. Those are ALL of the variables so far. I know I’m going to implement them, but coding? and using Gosub? jfc I’m never criticizing a game on this engine ever again.


How the hell do you get by with that little variables? How do you do anything?

And I know I’m a bit weird, but coding is my favorite part of working on a game! :ok_hand:
(Maybe except planning. That’s fun too. And making spreadsheets!)

I definitely want to do a game as code heavy as BREACH, one day.

Will these activities use the same time-slots as we already use in our time off?


I haven’t gotten by. I’ve known that I have some anger issue, but I’ve never torn my hair out over something this trivial. Well, unless you’re counting these recent days. Anyway, I just started working on this thing on friday, it’s just a page or two at the moment. I’m working on structuring the intro text now.


The amount of times I had to take a step back and groan at the amount of work I’ve put into this makes me want to take a step back and groan.

Well… there’s a whole lot to learn but you can get pretty damn creative with it. Also, I use Notepad ++ and not CSIDE mostly because I prefer it, but also because CSIDE can be a bit limiting when it comes to plugins.

In any case, good luck! … Trust me, you’ll need it…

I sometimes wish I had the efficiency of others. My game is just bloated with too much features.

One of the best feelings that I get is when I write down an outline of what I’m about to do… and then actually get to do it. I procrastinate a lot so actually doing something for once puts me in the creative mood.

Also, I have a ton of spreadsheets for characters, weapons modifiers, stats, and the like…

Again, good luck! You’ll definitely need it if you’re ever going to make something as bloated as this :sweat_smile:

Yes, yes they will. I’ll also be adding in an extra day or two so that you have more time to do those missions.

Noice! Just remember to take a time off once in awhile, it really does help to take a step back from burning yourself out.


It’s your first project, right? :blush:
I does take a while to figure out how things work, and what is needed.

Feel free to PM me, if you have any specific coding problems. I’m working on a few projects, so there’s a chance I’ve already written what you need. And if I haven’t, I love problemsolving, and can probably help you figure it out. :grin:

Thank you! And yeah, I’ve read your game’s code. I’m pretty sure I can be more efficient. :sweat_smile:
Is the simplified version you are using for your new game easier for you? I haven’t gotten around to checking out the files.


I would most definitely like to hear what you’re working at. :smile:

Ben and I have done some significant work cutting out a whole bunch of unnecessary scripts. The only file you want to compare are the MISC.txt files. all of the coding and gosub scripts that I use throughout the game such as checks, gunshots, buying and selling items is through there.

Breach uses the original MISC engine marked as V1.52, while the Afar: Mad World game uses a lighter version of it marked as V2.02 LITE, but as of currently, the lighter version doesn’t have much in the way of features since the game has only just barely begun development.

EDIT: A bit of clarification, all of that necessary bits of scripts that I use throughout the game, I call the MISC Engine, and it is basically everything inside the MISC.txt

Don’t ask why MISC stands for, only Ben knows…





… H-How. But… that’s not possible.


I think I spy a space in before the code.
it doesn’t like that.


This is why I just generally use tab instead. So much more noticeable.


Well, there’s a public demo for one of my projects:

It’s only the first 1/3 or such of the prologue, and it’s not very interesting yet.:sweat_smile:
It was supposed to be a quick project, to teach myself the basics, but the scale grew (both story and code wise), and my current estimate is that it’ll probably end up being a million words, anyway. :expressionless:

Then there’s my original project, which is the resurrected carcass of a game I tried to create in the Neverwinter Nights toolset, back in my teenage years. The plan for that one is to have approximately as much system as a pen & paper game.

And, the newest is a fantasy romance game, which I started a bit over a week ago, and currently consists of 1000+ lines of half-finished character creator, and a ton of notes.

I, of course, also have ideas laying around for a dozen more games… :sweat_smile:

Are you planning on using the original MISC engine for the continuation of BREACH, or an updated version?

Also, the game called “The Archangel Job” in the release list is this one, right?
I noticed it had been given one of those steam logo emoticons, so congrats on that!


My wip is a detective tale. Yeah, I know, sue me. For unoriginality, there’s already Wayhaven and Burwick that do this at least 5 times better. So, the MC has been promoted and sent to a town in the desert. Imagine Longmire’s setting. But something’s off. There’s a strange screeching emanating from the nearby National Park, and it isn’t a mountain lion. There are federal “Black Helicopters” flying about whenever this happens, and the feds never fail to question the populace on nights like this. That’s about all I have so far, but there’s something I’m leaving out… For a reason.


Reading the thread from the last couple of hours has me confused as to how you guys haven’t gone completely mad from making these games. Jesus christ.


I’m missing a 1 square inch patch of hair. I also have school on monday and some explaining to do to in a few hours, its 430 am.


I know this all too well… I’m sorry to hear. But I hope that you may some day pick it up again! Trust me, taking some time away from things is good and all but some things left behind may have potential for the future. You never know unless you try it.

Have a grand old time exploring everything you can. Exhaust your creativity and don’t be afraid to challenge yourself in a journey… that’s the main thing, really, when making a ChoiceScript game.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try out new things, try what works and what doesn’t, keep on trying and keep on writing (and drawing, whatever gets your creative juices going :wink:), let your mind run wild but always go back to whatever it is you’re doing.

I don’t know if anyone here actually remembers, but this game’s first thread didn’t go so well with lots of pauses in between due to work and education.

Right now, I am absolutely glad that I got back around to it and decided to keep going, eventhough I knew things were going to take a much bigger turn and I was going to have to spend a lot of time on it. It was a long and tedious process, 4 years in the making, but I finally did it.

I literally jumped out of my seat when I saw the steam logo. I had no clue what it meant, but holy mother of archangels I am absolutely thrilled.

Well, I can tell you that Trebantaboo is about similar. And whether or not I’ve succeed in somewhat creating a D20 system, we will soon see with the new game.

Yeah, same here. You may wish to try and focus on one of them first, and maybe spend a bit of time on other ideas for games surrounding the main one.

Yes, but Ben and I will be upgrading it and making it more efficient without cutting away too much features.

I’ve never actually watched or read any of the longmire books but this very much so reminds me of either a modern Tin Star or maybe even Far Cry 5…

We’ve all gone just about mad eversince we started writing in ChoiceScript…