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Where will we be able to read it??

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As profitable as it would be to release it on my patreon, I still wish to always have my game be available for eveyone here, at least for the demo.

I’ll be making a new thread in this forum for Afar: Mad World, it will have the first chapter and a few notes and description about the game.


It will be interesting seeing one of your projects from early days! :smile:


After many hours of revision… it’s finally done! :tada::confetti_ball:


Oh well, I wasn’t planning on sleeping today anyway


lol I’m 24 and everytime i read @deznutes nickname I chuckle like a seventh grader… :rofl:



So I got to thinking about the public’s reactions to the ending of the demo waaaaaay back, when it ended with The possible death of the MC and the RO during the undercover route. So I’m thinking that the public attitude on gang activity will shift, and gangs/cartels will be prioritized and made public enemy no.1. Citizens will advocate for more drastic measures to be taken against gangs, similar to how some advocated for military action in South America to combat cartels. The USA and Canada enter negotiations to prevent the spread of the Archangels throughout North America. The OCTF receives a great increase in funding after the incident as well. A proposition is made to adapt the US National Guard to aid in combating organized crime stateside, while special forces are deployed in Canada, without the Canadian government’s knowledge.

Probably because when I made this account, I was in middle school, myself.


… W-Wait, where the hell did you find this?!

Also, it’s Don Lavadechi

EDIT: Eh, I made this long ago so I guess, why not post it here.

Mind you, most of the names you see will most likely be dead by the end of the series

… This very much so supports a certain theory someone mentioned long ago about the Archangel’s main goal.

A little note, The Archangels relies mostly on the casualties left behind in the wake of The Outfit’s reign of terror. They make use of those who have been wronged with the promise of making things right by going against The Outfit.

All of those events would make for a great new series of stories based solely on the war against organised crime. Thankfully, I’ve already planned for such a thing and I have most of the framework ready from Breach.

Breach won’t be the only modern series of games that I plan to make. :wink:


Inspect element and a bit of Photoshop.

I included the outfit as a belligerent because the night of the event, it combined forces with the Cartel and hunted down the Archangels, iirc.

I’d like to see a chaotic American political sphere, and how everyone navigates it. I was partially inspired my the 2012 film Act of Valor when I came up with this proposal, as well as recent reading about the CIA and the War on Drugs/Terror. I think the war on drugs would see a massive uptick in scale, and would be merged with the War on Terror. The fearmongering would be colossal. Like, 9/11 paranoia if it gets that bad. My main hypothetical tangent is the unsanctioned use of surgical special forces and drone strikes in both the USA and Canada. The ramifications of such things could be intense.


what’s the password for the cheat menu?


Either you look in the code for it, you scroll up through all these comments (they’ve been mentioned before) or someone might pass em to ya I honestly forgot the and have played with and without the cheats its cool either way. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think one was.



Here ya go, bud.


Only real OGs remember sayplease


Real OGs remember the dark times when there are no cheats at all


The REAL OGs remember when the game ended after the gas station job


Err don’t know if it’s already too late, after I pick my name is not on the list of creative names, the game says,

Oh! Please forgive me, Sir. Would you please write your first name down below?

and didn’t ask my last name, and if the eye color is purple,

Gazing into your own Purple eyes and suddenly feel cold,


I always thought my mouse registered one click as two, hitting next for the last name slide. Good to see that it isn’t just me.


It’s a bit late, though I am keeping track of errors to fix as soon as I am able to update the game after it’s release.

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How about typos if I found any?


Unless they’re critical mistakes, don’t bother because there will possibly be a new thread later when the game releases where you can post error reports there, I think.