Brave Breakers (WIP) Demo Now Live

First of all hello members of the Choice of Games community my name is Zeta Voidis, though I don’t know why “_” seems to appear, but enough about that. After playing the many wonderful works of art on this website, I’ve decided to throw my gold into the fountain and try writing a game of my own. Now than since I’m unfamiliar with the program used to make these games it will be a while before I offer a link to the demo, but please tell me your honest opinion of the story idea I’m about to pitch, lest the criticism to follow breaks my unhardened spirit. Haha chocolate bar to anyone who gets that joke.

Getting to the point, Brave Breakers is a sci-fi game partially inspired by Mecha Ace set years into our future just after humanity had started to extend their reach into the stars by building several humungous space stations meant to serve as colonies for the future.

Ahem without further adieu here’s the official text trailer for the lack of video editing software for Brave Breakers

"The Year is 2336 AD. Through many technological innovations humanity has started to build a life for themselves in the stars finally relieving the planet Earth from centuries of overpopulation, and still… humanity has yet to come together as one.

150 years ago today there were only a few small scale colonies incapable curing the world of it’s overpopulation and the disease of resource deprivation, but now thanks to a technological innovation around the same time; not counting several smaller stations there are as many as 30 large scale colonies capable of hosting 1 million lives and thanks to deep space mining another 12 under construction. This created a massive economic boom allowing even the most barbaric of 3rd world nations to turn a profit. This supposed change for the better was the result of a revolutionary break through in construction technology.

That break through was the invention of the human piloted large scale construction mech the Breaker, of which was invented by Russian Engineer Zubarev Vitaya. This innovation single handedly restored the economic strength of Russia after the crippling sanctions imposed upon it due to the Ukraine Crisis years ago. Their pilots through a reason lost to history became known as “Braves”.

60 years later in 2246 AD as the 12th large scale colony was completed, the Russian government for the sake of peace bowed to international pressure and released to the nations that existed at the time blueprints guiding these powers onto how to construct Breaker Units of their own as well as how to train pilots to use them. The reason for that pressure was due to the overwhelming performance of the AGX-Z00A Berkut the first military grade Breaker in existence in putting down the rebels in the Russian Civil War that started 16 years ago and ended 5 years earlier as a result of this device. The Russian Prime Minister of the time knew that even though they had the immense power of this weapon, they would not stand a chance in a war where the entire world was their enemy.

As a result of the blueprints being released the nations of the world gathered together under two flags. The first and larger of the two was the United Earth Federation Government or UEFG for short. Their primary members lead by the US and Great Britain are of course the two aforementioned nations, Australia, Japan, all of the South African Nations, Canada, and Mexico.

The second power and also a surprisingly more democratic one than expected was the Orbital United Rebublic lead by Russia and France with their supporting members being nearly all of the middle eastern nations, former member nations of the Soviet Union, N/S Korea, China, and the Northern African nations. The remaining nations though they stand apart are neutral parties.

At first the relationship between these two power blocks were very cordial, but relationships grew strained as UEFG member nations called for the development of their own space capable Breaker units in response to the OUR being ahead in the development of space capable military vessels though they have less than a dozen proto-type ships in service in this modern age. They also made the call in order to put an end to the costly contracts with the OUR for the assistance in the construction of UEFG Space facilities.

On the OUR’s side resentment was directed towards the UEFG for forcing them to agree to unfavorable trade deals through what they called underhanded tactics. They are also demanding an end to what they claim to be inhuman conditions that their citizens have to work in for their contracts of assistance with the UEFG in regards the construction of their space facilities.

Make no mistake… War is coming, but it’s only a matter of time. Still there were two events in history that knocked over the first domino of battle. In 2310AD one of the neutral nations of the world revealed that Iceland a member nation of the OUR at the time violated several international treaties by engaging in highly illegal research into the development of super soldiers using test tube babies as well as kidnapped children from around the world. The facilities were shut down, the current Iceland government was deposed, and the nation was kicked out of the OUR.

The OUR government was innocent in this scandal as they never actually approved of such a research project nor did they know that Iceland was undertaking it, but the damage had been done to their image on the world stage. This caused a great deal of strife and resentment both internally and externally for the world power. Still… let’s just say there may have been members of the OUR military that copied Iceland’s research data as well as acquiring a few of the remaining test subjects for their own use, but that is a story that’ll be told another time.

The second incident and the actual power keg that led to war took place in November 2328 AD on Thanksgiving Day. In an attempt to ease tensions between these two powers representatives from the UEFG and OUR met for a peace conference in neutral territory.

You’re probably wondering what they talked about aren’t you? Well so is the rest of the world as 3 hours into the summit the entire meeting hall was destroyed in a massive explosion killing the representatives of the two powers as well as those of neutral nations and members of their entourage.

Both sides denied responsibility for this act of terror, and instead accused the other of being responsible. Perhaps one day history shall record the truth of this incident, but at that moment the military forces sent to guard the representatives of both powers instantly locked horns on the territory of a neutral nation.

From this moment the war had officially begun, and a few days later the UEFG were soundly defeated in the first battle of the war upon the land this neutral nation that wished to be a host to peace. The first battle came to be known as the Singapore Conflict.

8 years later in the modern date of 2336 AD the war still continues to rage on as both Global powers are locked in a stalemate. On one hand there is the superior resources of the UEFG, and the other hand there is the superior military technology of the OUR. Only time would tell if there would eventually be a one true victor.

You are an 18 year old Dale College Freshman and a citizen of the UEFG. You and the rest of your freshmen class are taking part in the opening ceremony of your school on the USS Historian an older generation BCV or Breaker Carrier Vessel in the UEFG capital city of London that has seen many an intense battle.

Your opening ceremony also coincides with a major UEFG holiday celebrating the foundation of your very government, of which is never complete without a ship (IE the one you’re on) sailing across the London Harbor 10:36AM in the morning every year

This was supposed to be the start of the rest of your life, but your entire world was turned upside down as the result of a surprise attack by an OUR force consisting of people you never thought you’d meet on your government’s most cherished of days. Like it or not the rest of your life starts with you being forced to fight for that very thing.

Will you survive until the war’s end? Will you be killed by a lucky shot? Will you become the leader that your fellow pilots need? Will you be the hero that your nation rallies around? Or instead will you be the fool that ensured it’s destruction? Is there any chance of love for you in this war-torn world? If so will it be your High School crush? Or maybe it’ll be that person who never thought they’d see you again? Do you think it could even be that soldier that hates your guts?

Find out in the full release of Brave Breakers."

Wow…(takes a deep breath) that was a mouthful wasn’t it. First of all I apologize to those of you that were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of words in this promotional pitch of mine, but I felt that this level of detail was needed for you all to properly imagine the basis of story I wish to create… and perhaps one day the details of the story you wish to live.

Before you click on the link below I have 3 warnings to give you.

  1. This demo only consists of about half of chapter 1 of Brave Breakers
  2. If you’ll check your stats screen after making the first few choices in the game you’ll notice that they don’t increase or decrease. This is not an act of forgetfulness. I haven’t put in any + or - values because this demo plot wise isn’t near the point where stat checks come into play.
  3. This demo does not contain a codex for what’s going on in the universe of this story. I plan to add one in a later update to the demo, but for now after I make this edit I’ll post a temporary codex here.

Link Updated: 13/18/2015 1:33PM PST
Please let me know your honest opinion of what you see so far from the plot, to coding issues that come up, and right down to the grammar. I’ll be sure to correct it as soon as possible.

Note: Post 16 on this page contains a small portion of the codex that’ll be put into the completed version of Brave Breakers


Looks good, I’m a fan of sci-fi. I will say you should make it so that people can pick their gender. It is in most of the games.

Oh actually now that you point it out that’s a typo, of which I will correct in a moment . At any rate I meant to type Dale college freshman not male college freshman.

Dale College or Dale University as it is known by its formal name is a fictional school located in London I created for the sake of the story. I’ll say more about it in the explanation of terms and technology update post that I mentioned I’ll do later

I really like the whole concept of what you have it sounds really interesting

“Do you think it could even be that soldier that hates your guts?” does this mean there will be tsundere RO

Since outer space colonies exist, will the action take place in space or Earth?

Asking because you said that humanity’s started to settle on outer space colonies yet there are these countries in alliances with one another. What about the colonies? Are they governed by the countries too and involved in the conflict or will they not be involved?

Other than that confusion, I am really looking forward to this. Mecha Ace is my favorite COG/Hosted Game ever, so a game like this definitely piques my interest. Can’t wait for a demo :smiley:

The story Looks interesting, is there anymore information to the story like The characters background and what type of person you are and such?

@HitenMitsurugi I actually plan to make this into multiple stories like Cataphrak’s Infinity series. So no space fights in the first novel, some in the second, definitely a lot in the third.

Since they are in the space age equivalent of colonizing the America’s yes these colonies are being governed by one of the two alliances of nations and as such some of them may have soldiers of these respective parties aboard for security purposes acting mostly as cops. Without spoiling too much late second novel and through out the course of the 3rd you’ll see the concept of the colonies crying for some form of independence, but I won’t say any more.

As technically citizens of these alliances of nations the colonies they’ll be subjected to the same increased taxes and resource rationing as we would if we were at war, but at least for now past being mentioned a few times by various characters they won’t be heavily involved in the first Novel. Also the program used to make these Choice Script games is far simpler than I thought they’d be, so for that reason I’ll be releasing soon a demo that’s the equivalent of the first few minutes of the first episode of a Gundam Series. It won’t be much, but it’ll give you an idea of the world the mc lives in. Should you still be confused let me know.

@Xero_Espadas I might include a profile for a few characters in the sneak preview of terms and technology post I will do after posting this. As for the player character… other than being from the USA like Cataphrak’s Sabers of Infinity his personality and origins will be defined by the choices you make.

@Shawnheatherly In case you read the above yes I said “His”. Though what I pointed out to you earlier was indeed a typo on my part I still intend to genderlock the main character of this story. I’m only doing so for simplicity purposes since this is my first game.

That’s fine. It doesn’t bother me much. The game sounds fun.

@Zeta_Voidis That clears up a lot of stuff. Great that you’re planning a trilogy- you must have the plot mapped out already :smile:

Really looking forward to this. Been on a Mecha Ace withdrawal sort of since I finished that game lol, so this will definitely help me cope :smiley:

Demo is live contains about half of chapter 1

Great demo. But gotta ask can we RO Eula and why doesn’t the MC want to at the time?

@Boman19 Though Eula does care a great deal for the player character, a romance option is not planned for two reasons. The first is that she’s not the “High School Crush” and I did say the MC never intended to see her that way.

The second reason I can’t state because it would be a major spoiler.

I really like what you have so far I can’t wait to see how the rest of the story turns out

@Zeus Really? What was your favorite part of the demo?

@Zeus, @Boman19, @HitenMitsurugi, @Shawnheatherly, @Raulin, and @Xero_Espadas

I have posed a small portion of the information that will appear in the game’s codex below. Please take a look when you get the chance.

Character Profile

Eula Auburn
Age 18
Gender: Female
Hair: Pink
Eye Color: Dark Green
Personality: Semi-Type A Tsundere
Personal History: Eula Auburn is the only daughter of Lieutenant Jeffery Auburn assistant chief mechanic aboard the USS Historian. You met her in your freshman year of high school along with your best friend since childhood Tatsuya. She gained romantic feelings for you after you saved her from a bunch of bullies making fun of her for being a Spacer.

Related Term: Spacer

Tatsuya Kurihara
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Icy Blue
Personality: Always has a very cheerful air about him that’s capable of lifting the spirits of others. Tends to act like a flirty teen aged boy
Personal History: Is the son of a branch member of the Kurihara family from as the name implies, of whom are the owners of the Bushi Armament Corporation the company responsible for the production of all of the UEFG’s Breakers as well as their weapons. You met him a park one day at the age of 5 not knowing a thing about him being a child of a wealthy family, and not caring about the fact after you found out.

Related Terms: Bushi Armament Corporation.

Code Name: Silver Wolf
Real Name: Unknown
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Unknown
Eye Color: Unknown
Personality: Is known to have a father to his men personality, but all other details about his behavior are unknown.
Personal History: The only thing you know about this person is his accomplishments and reputation as the OUR’s greatest Brave/Ace/Pilot or whatever term you’d prefer up until he mysteriously vanished 4 years ago about 3 months before you started High School. He pilots one of the two AGX-Z105A Svarog units in existence ironically replaced by a successor unit shortly after his disappearance. He gained the nickname Silver Wolf after the paint scheme of his Svarog and for his actions during the Singapore Conflict.

Those actions were as followed: After his unit finished landing on their assigned BCV he was about to join them when the OUR fleet detected a surprise attack by 30 UEFG Breakers in response to the destruction of the meeting hall where the peace conference was taking place. It couldn’t be timed any worse as his Breaker was the only one in the air and area at the time. The crew of the various ships in the OUR fleet were saying their prayers. By the time the OUR forces got their own Breakers in the air the Silver Wolf had on his own destroyed 16 UEFG units as well as disable 5 others before the UEFG had even gotten in firing range of the OUR fleet. A feat considered both both miraculous and impossible by both sides. One of the surviving pilots stated in an after action report that he was “Acted like a wolf determined to catch his pray. He either forced his way through or destroyed anything that tried to stop him wit ease.”

When not by himself in a battle he is commonly scene with another ace from his unit Code Name: Black Wolf.

Despite UEFG Intelligence’s best effort they could not uncover any personal information about Silver Wolf. They were only able to determine his gender as well as that short bit about his personality through classified recordings of second-hand discussions about him between high ranking OUR officials. It’s as if he’s being protected by the highest levels of the OUR military chain of command. The same can be also said for the rest of his unit, but for whatever reason remains a mystery.

Related Terms: Black Wolf, AGX-Z105A Svarog

Terms, Tech, and Organizations

Beam Weaponry
Description: As the name implies weapons created through the direct manipulation of concentration of energy. First conceptualized by Breaker Inventor Zubarev Vitaya, but perfected by his descendant Karl Vitayar two years before the start of the war. To summarize the specifics of beam weaponry work like so: Heavily concentrated ion particles are contained in specialized an electromagnetic field to either hold the energy in place (IE Beam Sabers) or propel it forward for a set distance (IE Beam Rifles). The OUR is currently looking into developing other kinds of beam weaponry while the UEFG only recently developed the ability to produce beam sabers through reverse engineered samples brought by an OUR defector.

Description: 150 years before the current date Russian Zubarev Vitaya invented this piloted construction mech to rectify the problems facing nations when it came to building larger scale space colonies. The first Breaker Model was only 7.3 meters tall, but modern day units range from 9-12 meters in height. It is legal for civilians to own a Breaker unit provided it’s an approved civilian use construction model. In addition it’s illegal for a civilian owned Breaker to be equipped with a weapon of any kind.

Description: A derogatory term commonly used to insult people born on one of the space colonies or the children of someone from the colonies regardless of where said children were actually born.

AGX-Z105A Svarog
Breaker Type: Custom General Purpose Unit
Height 9. 63 Meters Tall
Power Source: Classified
Weapons: 2 Beam Sabers 1 stored in each arm, Head mounted CIWS, an Athena Beam Rifle, and an optional shield.
Unit History: A model that UEFG intelligence was able to determine that was built specifically to be used by the ace pilots Silver Wolf and Black Wolf. In fact only 2 units were ever built. Other than the Athena Beam rifle it’s armaments are standard models commonly found on any OUR Breaker. Speaking of which the Athena Beam Rifle a weapon only given the best OUR pilots is estimated to have an overall 64% higher performance rating compared to the standard beam rifle model. The unit was rated to have double the overall performance of the OUR’s current general purpose Breaker the AGX-V201 Triglav. Was decommissioned 4 years ago after the mysterious disappearance of Silver Wolf and replaced with it’s successor unit the AGX-X205A Zorica. There is currently only one Zorica unit in existence and it’s currently being piloted by the Black Wolf.

Iceland Scandal
Date Occurred: January 15, 2310 AD
Details: The intelligence agent of a nation who to this day has managed to remain anonymous revealed that Iceland was engaged in illegal genetics and bio-chemical research with the purpose of creating super soldiers by using test-tube baby’s as well as kidnapped children. In response the Iceland government was deposed, it’s economy in shambles after the sanctions placed on it, and it was kicked out of the OUR for violation of human rights. After raiding the main research facility it was determined that the OUR government did not authorize this project nor did they know about it, however the rest of the world didn’t see it that way.

Some of the kidnapped children were returned to their parents, and the rest like the test-tube children were sent to child welfare organizations and foster-care homes around the world.

Recent UEFG intelligence reports show that the OUR are taking full advantage of the superior abilities of the children who eventually grew up and joined their military. Because of this Intelligence suspects though they cannot prove that Silver Wolf, Black Wolf, and the rest of their Breaker unit combined are in fact some of the grown up children from the Iceland Scandal.

Interesting you have made the background for the two characters, highly detail to the Mechas and tech .Its impressive you plan this through but somehow it reminds me a bit from Gundam Seed.

@Xero_Espadas I won’t deny that Gundam Seed was one of my sources of inspiration for this game as it is my favorite Gundam Series, but I assure you the MC will not be a plot armor offender like Jesus Yamato. That aside I’m glad you liked it though technically I put out the profile for three characters. Speaking of which if you don’t mind my asking what do you think of the profiles of Eula, Tatsuya, and the enigma ace Silver Wolf?

I ask because this kind of feedback will help with making the game.

I’ll review them, two of the MC friend are pretty the basic construct to your story I like that you add Eula’s personality as a semi-type tsundere, one of many characters for romance, I notice the Silver Wolf, it reminds me for the character of Char(G1) and Zech(GW), making him unknown to the MC or the story. what drives him, what are his motives in the story. I notice you made a typo in prey(pray) and The nickname reminds me of Shin Matsunaga; aka the White Wolf of Solomon in the Generation 1.

Sweet. You’re doing really well