Brainstorming: Cryptid

Working Title: Cryptid

Capsule Summary: You play the role of a “Cryptid” (read: monster) living near a sleepy little suburban town.

Some Possible Vignettes For The Game:

  1. A group of birdwatchers see you coming out of your lair in the woods and take photographs of you. Can you catch them before they can show anyone else the pictures?
  2. It’s officially deer season, and there are hunters in the area. Can you go about your normal activities without being seen and/or shot at?
  3. You decide to use your shapeshifting ability to assume human form, allowing you to move about the town more freely during daylight hours. What can you learn about the town and its residents by interacting with them?

Do you get to choose what type of monster you turn into?

That sounds like a good idea, I’ll consider it.

So, any demo or something? If not, any release date of the demo or the full game? Seems original (read: no-one made one of these before).

Right now, still in the brainstorming phase. Hoping to have something scripted and ready for testing before the year’s end.

I see. Good luck with it, for whenever it releases. If you do have any questions or anything about coding…I offer my help. Just PM me (that is, if you want to).

Sounds cool.

Global Variables For The Game (Tentative):

Suspicion Level: this will represent the percentage of the town’s population that suspects you are lurking in the nearby woods. Anytime someone sees you and lives to talk about it, there’s a chance the Suspicion Level will go up. The word of some members of the community will have more weight than others, and anyone who can show some proof of your existence could be especially troublesome for you (thus the urgency in the vignette involving the birdwatchers and the pictures they took). The higher this goes up, the more likely you’ll find yourself being hunted down.

when do you think you will have a demo up


Sounds like all good ideas so far I especially like the shape shifting so that you can move among them thing, one possible mechanic to consider is that if someone really weird try’s to say they saw you it actually detracts from the suspicion meter as they dismiss the “crackpot theories”, like what’s happened with Bigfoot, Nessie and other myths.

How’s the game going?

Myths that are actually true = l