Brain Death - An Oracle's End [WIP]

It’s good that you realize when you would spread yourself too thin needlessly. Using gender neutral language for E is not a bad idea and presents well in the blurb you posted. While I understand you are not adding sexual content, will there be romance options in the story at all?

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Not much here yet, but what’s here thus far seems really interesting, I’ll be keeping an eye on this project. Also, good on you for recognising early on that a feature you were planning on including would be too much work.

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A flirt here or there could happen, but developing any relationships is out of the question.

To be an Oracle is to exist perpetually in a vaccum of time, from awakening to death. You’ll have 2 hours in-game time to live before Paradise falls.

In extension, you’re the only one who can remember your actions in prior timelines. So any romance would be reset.


Makes total sense given the vacuum the oracle lives in. Even the odd flirt can make a story more fun or change how things are played. But the lack of established romance of any kind makes sense.

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It is. Just because it’s mostly taken to mean “sexytimes” right now doesn’t exclude more themes that are not “general audience” themes. There are (generally the older WIPs) entries there for extreme violence, torture, psychological breakdown, abuse (there’s one story that’s got some pretty heavy gaslighting in it,) crime and drug and alcohol abuse.

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I messaged a mod to be sure and was told it’s “strictly for sexual content”, so either things are more acceptable than before or there are a lot of grey areas.


Adult content is quite weird because you’ll have some games there mostly for darker content than sexual content sometimes, but they all have in common that at least some type of sexual content is there, even if it’s fade to black etc. I’ve seen games there where I didn’t find any at all lol could have been that I lost the scene tho.

But besides that, I really enjoy what you have so far even if it’s not much content. You said you’re working on a 3 personality system, will we be able to be grumpy goblins?


Not sure how I would go for “grumpy” exactly, given Oracle’s situation at game start. This is meant to be a smaller-scale project so I can learn coding and pacing for Obsolete as our Minds, which is a super ambitious project.

If it’s agency you want, at the beginning there will be a sort of railroad, as in things will be quite linear. But I have a good reason for that, and after the tutorial section is finished there are plans for more choices.

As far as text flavoring for personality types, I’ll do my best to make things interesting. But I unfortunately can’t make any promises this early in development. ^^


Making slow progress, but progress nonetheless!

Got close to 2600 words including code now. I’ll update the demo once it’s reached a proper end point. As of right now I’m focused on adding personalized thoughts and choices dependent on your state of mind. (What you see is very rough and I plan on adding plenty more, as well as rewriting everything until it’s perfect!)

We hit 50 likes recently, and I’d like to take a moment to thank you all for your support! I wasn’t expecting any attention this early on, cuz the demo is super lacking at the moment.

It was a welcome surprise and I’m grateful for you. Please take care of yourselves!


It’s been a long week. Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to get any writing done, as my nephew was visiting and I wanted to focus my attention on him.

But now that things are back to normal, I’m ready to get back into the swing of things! I already have some new ideas and I’m excited to test them out—once I get some well-deserved rest.

Apologies for the slow progress. Stay hydrated!


For the start, I’ve come to the conclusion that 5 options is excessive. Providing too many similar choices will lead to a deterioration in quality, so I will instead focus on these 4.

Still figuring out the consequences of these thought paths; I’ll probably make them subtle at first. Then as you progress through the game, the effects of the thoughts you’ve chosen will begin to take effect. I really want to aim for a customizable mentality for your characters!

At the recommendation of a fellow author, I’ve switched to Choicescript IDE for writing. What an amazing program this is! :smiley:

Am I updating too frequently? Would this be considered spam? I hope I’m not breaking any rules by posting so often. If I am, please let me know. And stay hydrated!!!


No, you’re not breaking any rule, updating frequently is a good thing.