Brain Death - An Oracle's End [WIP]

Welcome to hell, Oracle.

CW: Substance abuse, descriptions of intense violence, gore. A lot is up in the air but this IF is a psychological horror first and foremost. I will do my best to integrate warnings preceding potentially triggering material. Proceed at your own discretion.


You are an Oracle. A cursed soul doomed to live, perish and repeat your miserable existence in an eternal limbo. Your time is limited, and your abilities worthless in the eyes of fate.
Unfortunately, it will only get worse from here.

It seems you’ve been stuck here for some time; so long that your body is beginning to reject you. How many years of memories can the human brain truly contain? That question may be answered soon. Such a shame that nobody will be around to hear it.

Dashingdon Demo

This is a standalone title in preparation for a greater narrative. As it is very early in development, pretty much everything is subject to change. But I’m uploading the demo now so that I can hype myself up further!

I can’t promise consistent updates, because I want to do things properly. This story means a lot to me and I hope that it’ll show in the quality of my work. If you encounter any bugs or typos, please inform me! Thank you very much for reading.


This remind me of another WIP but I can’t quite figure out which.

would you mind sharing specifics on what you think is similar? i wouldn’t want to tread on someone’s else’s work!

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The ‘Oracle on a timer’ aspect, I think I saw a WIP with a concept like that but it was years ago so you’re really not treading on anyone.


There wasnt much to work with. But so far im kinda feeling it.


is there a better way to do this?

edit: will probably set the pronouns on a different screen, since gender doesn’t necessarily align with them and i want to be as inclusive as possible.

I really like the vibe and writing style so far. And “Obsolete as our Minds” is one of the greatest titles I’ve read in a while.

I do have a small nitpick -
“Sluggishly, you pull yourself up to your feet—knocking a few beer bottles away in the process”
For this scene, assuming the beer bottles belong to MC, maybe you should consider either neutralizing them to just “bottles” or replacing them with, idk, painkillers or something (if it’s needed for the hangover atmosphere) - the reason being that there are quite a few people, me included, who get really uncomfortable if MC is shown or implied to consume alcohol. And it’s not like there’s not hundreds of other unhealthy coping habits MC could have instead.
If the beer was drank by someone else, or if it’s important for the story that MC drank it, feel free to ignore everything after the praise at the beginning of this comment and pretend I didn’t say anything else ^^"


Instead of “New Game” you start with a “New Hangover”.

It’s an important detail that MC suffered a night of substance abuse. For your headcanon, it could’ve been a one-time thing, or maybe they’ve been like this for some time. In any case, something terrible happened that caused them to spiral like this.

I’ll keep your feedback in mind while rewriting, however! It couldn’t hurt to have a setting to replace certain words if you’re feeling uncomfortable.

Everything will be explained in future updates! Thank you for your feedback, it’s very constructive.


“It ends here?”


I’m interested!


I would use the writer help thread or seek other authors in here.


I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something about this showing up in my email inbox brought me back here after so long. I’m hooked for reasons I know not

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Thank you for your kind words! Welcome back~

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Interesting start, can’t wait for more!


ahhhh, you end after such a delicious tease! If the start is any indication, this is going to be a very good interactive novel. You pulled me in with your descriptive imagery right down to the sound of their night (the bottle being pushed) being at the forefront of their morning. It gives you the impression that the MC is going through something and is seeking a coping mechanism. Again really enjoyed this and cannot wait for more being added to this. And I will give you the suggestion I give all new WIP please add save slots, they make everything more fun when you don’t have to restart every read.


Thank you for your kindness! I’ll implement saves once I’m satisfied with the level of content. As of right now there isn’t enough to warrant it.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Have a lovely day!


woot for the saves, totally understand the need to wait. Either way the start is good enough to read multiple times. Sorry for gushing but I haven’t been this excited for a WIP in a while.

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I’m working on a personality system that consists of 3 variables.


Persona: This affects how NPCs will perceive you, and your general disposition towards them. As people, we at times act at odds with our personality, or even hide our true selves for reasons only known to the subject.

Animus: This variable keeps track of your inner self. It affects internal thought processes and your perception of environments, as well as people. Do you suspect a character of ulterior motives? If so, maybe you can try to get more information.

Emotional State: This is a temporary variable that can change dependent on certain choices. What you see in the screenshot is an example of this. Of course, everybody experiences different emotional responses depending on the situation. Some may not even react! This will be taken into account, of course.

This may all sound convoluted, and maybe I could achieve the same results with a simpler system. I’ll try downgrading if it doesn’t work out, but I feel happy with the concept so far.

Let me know what you think!


That’s interesting and ambitious, hope you can pull it off


With the next update, content warnings will be shown through New Hangover.
I thought this would be safer to avoid any instances of readers potentially skipping over them.

In the meantime, don’t forget to familiarize yourself with what’s to come! This story will not be for the faint of heart.

Lemme know your thoughts!


I mistakenly thought the adult content category was inclusive to games with darker themes, but as I’m not planning to add any sexual content to this project, I’ve removed the category.

Today was a slow day, but I fleshed out some story and made a few other changes regarding E (sibling character that is shown only briefly in current build).

I’ve decided to scrap gender and personality choices for E, since devoting time to each would be spreading myself too thin. Here’s an anecdote I wrote while brainstorming today!