Blood of Morana (Slavic mythology WIP) 18 sep 2020 + Tumblr

Hi you wonderful peeps!

I present to you my very first WIP.



The story is set in the medieval world of Slavic mythology, where the gods are on the brick of extinction, people are losing faith and pretty monsters are lurking in the dark.

You are one of the people, cursed with Morana’s magic, which gives you power over both winter and death. You can imagine that being one of the White Deaths hasn’t exactly made you the beacon of hope or the icon of popularity among your people.

Worse yet, some of your magic has been sealed, making it impossible to witch away the inquisition.

In short: meet gods, fight kudlaks and get back your power (maybe fall in love along the way?).


Simarg (also known as Sim, mutt and asshole) - RO
A deity you’ve met, while working for your master with enhanced senses and physical abilities. Often partners up with Zaria.
Description: wild black hair, black eyed, muscular, strong jaw, light stubble, tanned, solemn faced, 5’6"

Zaria (also known as starwitch and smartass) - RO
A deity you’ve met, while working for your master with command over light. Often partners up with Simarg.
Description: pale white hair to her mid-back, pupiless eyes/pure white eyes, dark complexion, willowy built with an air of elegance, 5’8"

Svetlana/Svetomir (also known as the heir) - RO
The only child of the master. A skilled kersnik who is immune to magic and looks down on White Deaths.
Description: golden hair to shoulders, pale blue eyes, fair skin, athletic

The man who owns the White Death. A very powerful business man, whose influence is second only to the village chief’s.
Description: short brown hair, trimmed moustaches, middle aged, dressed like a rich man that he is

Lady Lech
A lady merchant who controls most of the village’s import and export. A woman of many talents who also runs a local orphanage. Has a servant named Nikolaj who doubles as a personal guard at times.
Description: rich dark hair, heart-shaped face, prone to flashy dresses

The village’s chief
An older woman who is in charge of the village. Considered as a fair ruler by most.
Description: grey haired, stocky, medium height with a heavy step

Who is currently planned to appear in the story?

  • Perun
  • Lada/Lado
  • Ziva
  • Veles
  • Kersnik
  • Kudlaks, vampires, rusalki …

Ah, if you have an interest in Slavic mythology/history/religion, I am looking for some suggestions on which deities to include. So far I’ve used the following texts for references: but I am always opened to suggestions!



27 September 2020

Finished 4/5 scenes for mission 1. 7k/24k words.

15 January 2019

Expanded the intro. Started working on the scenes for the other targets. 5k/16k words.

11 November 2018

Finished the carpenter’s scenes, added some stuff to the existing dialogues. 2k/9k words.

6 November 2018

Finished 1/3 of carpenter’s scenes. 2k/5k words

5 November 2018

Short preview of a demo. Around 3k words altogether?


Just finished the demo. Building your own winter/death magic sounds fun. :snowman_with_snow:

I like your use of kennings in the beginning (“the old-dark sea”). It gave this story’s myth an old, poetic feel.

I’m curious about the player character’s master. Zaria and Simarg seem like a fun pair, too, although on the stats page it says I don’t know anyone. Are they just minor characters? :thinking:


Magic, in my experience, is always fun! And winter/death seemed like an interesting combination, though I keep getting flashbacks to Game of Thrones and its white walkers. Now, I’ll add Olaf from Frozen to that collection :zombie: :snowman_with_snow:

Who wants an Olaf army, raise your hand! :raising_hand_woman:

They will be there next time~~ I just need to pinpoint their character and we will be good to go!

Ahahaha, no, that was just me being lazy. Zaria and Simarg belong firmly into the main cast, but I haven’t decided yet, how to measure their relationship with the MC, thus the “You don’t know anyone.”


What all is the magic capable of

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Hm, I have yet to set exact specifics, but in general, but this is what I have for now.

Winter magic: controling the temperature/weather, ice-bending (creating weapons etc. out of ice), resistance to cold, creating ice creatures (?)

Death magic: draining life force from others, bringing back the dead (?), surviving otherwise fatal wounds.

Both sorts of magic will have certain drawbacks. Some of the spells will also only unlock, if you will have enough power.

Um. I will have to surf the forum some more to see how others use magic in their stories. But this is it for now~


I thought the magic was cool (no pun intended) before, but if I get to be like the Night King then it sounds awesome.


Eh, I don’t see any reason for not including this option.

And since there are no walls in the story, you will be basically unstoppable! … Unless your army melts on the sun …


This so-called ‘‘Master’’ is going to get a nasty surprise when I’ll have enough power.


How about Baba Yaga ?

Thus far , the setting is intriguing … i like both my friends although Zaria is cute, i sure want to romance her :-):grin: by the way, i chose to collect money from the mayor , Zaria said " If i dies , i will come back to haunt you " … could you give MC some choice of responding to her ? I hope to tell her that " Don’t worry Zaria, i will die for you first" :-):relaxed: i think this will make the conversation interesting :slight_smile:

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@Zeom I suspect that the future will be less kind to your master. I do wonder if their reasoning/personality could sway your decision.

@Eric_knight I’ve added the suggested dialogue option it caught Zaria off guard, that’s for sure. Thanks for sharing your input!


Hahaha… thanks buddy, you are awesome !!! :-):grin:
That’s exactly what i would say to Zaria if i was in that scene :-):grin:

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Wow! For a first impression, that was some pretty impressive writing! Everything flows very naturally, and I’m excited at the prospect of seeing more. :+1:

If that was the reference that I feel like it might have been, then I have eternal respect for you.


Thanks! Always encouraging to hear people enjoy my writings.

There’s two of us.

Yes! Good of you to notice! … is what I would like to write. Sadly, I will have to lose your eternal respect and admit to not referencing anything intentionally, except for Perun, the Slavic god of thunder.

What is the reference you were thinking of?


I am definitely looking forward to play this game… it is quite interesting!

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Well, I guess I’ll need to show myself out then. Time to brush up on some mythology.
But I ain’t tellin’. :stuck_out_tongue:


Really enjoyed what’s in the demo so far, and intrigued about what sort of magic we’ll be capable of (once we erm, are capable of it again)

So, is one of our guards a deity or does he just share his name with a deity and he calls us mortal for kicks?

(Also as for what other gods and what have you’s to include, I feel like something interesting could be done with the concept of Flins, Veles, and Chernabog potentially having been the same deity. Maybe they are the same deity in your world, maybe they aren’t and are annoyed with people for thinking that, maybe they are linked together in someway, or people’s belief that they are linked together caused them to be)

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In my country Morena means brunette.
But i like the game concept.


@FREUKY Awesome to hear that!

@Kingdomville … that is evil. Let me goes - you also chose to go after, the mayor in the story, didn’t you? Now I will forever wonder, what the name reminded you of.


Whenever that might be, right?

Both of your guards are deities, ehe.

I am familiar with both Veles and Chernabog, but not Flins, so will have to check the last one out later. I haven’t made my mind up yet on Veles/Chernabog yet, aside that Veles will be definitely a(n) (im)mortal enemy to Perun.

@Reinaldo_Pimentel Another interesting tidbit, thank you! Truthfully, I’ve picked the name out of the list of variations for the Slavic goddess of death, because I liked the sound of it. Does the word Morana also have a special meaning in your language?

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No, Morana means nothing in my country language, but Morana sounds like Moana. :v

You lose some, you win some, I suppose. Maybe I could use Mor instead, to get rid of, er, unwanted associations. Not that I didn’t enjoy Moana, the movie.