Blood and Mist (WIP, Demo Posted)

@Daenyx Thanks for the feedback. I had some shenanigans going on while writing the demo that is the cause of most of these typos. I’ve fixed the problem, so there should be far less of them moving forward.
A big thing I’m picking up from the all the feedback here is that I need to lampshade the weirdness of everything going on at the wagon wreck better. I’m aware that a number of the details are not what would be expected in the real world, but its obvious I didn’t make it clear that the oddities are intentional. Good news is that should be an easy fix now that I know about it. Bad news is that it will be a while before I get to content edits.
All that said, I will look at getting an editor. I know a few who might be interested in contributing in exchange for something they can put on their resume.

@VioletHikari Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I’ll get it fixed ASAP

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