Big Game Bounty Hunter (Interest check)

Yo,yo. Waddup forum.

So I’ve decided to finally make an interactive novel, so that’s pretty dope, Its called Big Game Bounty Hunter.
I’ve actually already make a tinie tiny, bit of it, so I just wanna know what ya’ll think.
Every comment is cool, feel free to say whatevs in your mind ya’ll, esspecially the constructive one.

SO! About the game.
So it’s a sci-fi game, take place on space, so you get to ride on a spaceship, shoot laser, and all that cool stuff.

You are an Ex- Federal space marshal that gone rogue, so that’s pretty cool.
The reason why you left earth is because you kill the god damn president.
You kill the president !!! after that you left earth, obviously. And you became a bounty hunter.
(And also just to give you the general idea about how big that is, is like, basically in my story earth has become a united nation, so the president is also the ruler of the entire planet. Just like Trump rule Umerica)
The game take place 3 years after you killed the president and you are a hunted by the federal agents.
So, there is basically the story.

HOWEVER!! this is the twist.
Ya’ll ready for this?
It’s a romance game.

I know what you’re thinking, the heck! I expect action! what’s with this RO BS!!

Okay first of all it’s my story so I can make it however the heck I want.
Second of all Im sorry for those who expect a badass bounty hunter take down those federal sumbag by himself, but its not that kind of game, ofcourse, you’ll see some action in it, and I say SOME…
he’ll get some kind of a contract or something and get to kill monster for one timer, or two, he is a bounty hunter after all.

So that’s basically it I guess.
I would like to clears things up however.
-It’s genderchoose
-You pick your own gender preferences.
-And I think this one more bit is a somewhat kind of a major spoiler to it, so i’ll hide it. YOU ARE NOT THE BAD GUY` for those who wanna see, I did warn you.

So, that’s pretty much it, tell me what ya’ll think, ya’ll are awesome for reading this, peace.


Hmm seems intresting so im going to guess that there are alien races or the abillity go to different planets?

I also have a idea of a desert planet where there is a rebellion and you could form a alliance or something. Im not sure why i have this in mind but it might be something to consider

Will some of the agents that are after us know who we are since we were a marshal and due to that let us go or could we have a federal agent friend that tells us information? And helps us

To what authority is the player turning in their bounties if they themselves are a fugitive?

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Not that I ever was to begin with.

A romance game in which I can shoot monsters sometimes, color me interested. Good luck :slight_smile:


a concept that no one realized we needed. bless.


Is there any reason we cant be heterosexual?


@Zadit Mhm, there’ll be a ton of alien planet and more alien species.

Hmmmm… Might have want to think about the desserter planet idea.

As for heterosexual I just can’t seem to figure out how to play out the game with it.

@jojo every colonies have their own domain, that wouldn’t let other people from other colony pass without permission and when you are out of earth domain you pretty much untouchable by the federal scum.

Thanks for ya’ll who give me advise and feedback ya’ll are dope

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Huge update!!

After further consideration…

I’ve decided to make it so you could be a heterosexual.

I’ve have figured out the way of how to do it and wouldn’t actually be ruining the plot… So good news…

Heterosexual is an option.

Thanks or all the support.


This sounds pretty exciting! (I admit, I was drawn in by the romance :smiley: ).

What sort of stats will there be in this game?

I’m looking forward to finding out more about the characters and the world the story is set in. Good luck with it!

Aight, I hear you bruh.

As for the stats, I haven’t really put much thought about it, but I’ll just gave you what I have already put in on the game, just cuz you ask.
The stats contain.

  • List of all the creature in the galaxy, and details about them as for appearance and such. (But without image)
  • List of all the planet that will be important to the game.
  • Relationship percentage of people you have met, obviously.
  • Your current spaceship energy.
  • Your reputation in some of the colonies.
  • Your current location, and details of whose domain.

As for characters, I’ve made a ton of 'em that I’d make sure will be interesting, at least for me anyway.
For romance I have developed 3 RO options at the moment that shift their gender for each preferences, but I promise, there will be more RO options developed in the future.

And I’m hyped that you wished me luck, I really needs it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Stay lit.


The premise sounds interesting. I’m glad you changed your mind to include heterosexuals. I think the more inclusive a game can be, the better it is. A lot more people will be more likely to check out your story if you don’t limit the customization of the MC.

I’m always up for a sci-fi story, and if it focuses on romance, I’m totally ok with that too. I love romance. :wink:


Like the sound of it so far - never been a bounty hunter before. :grin:

Thanks for including heterosexual too. Inclusiveness rules! :relaxed:


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