Best writing tool to stay organized?

What does everyone use? I’ve used Bibisco and Manuskript for novels before…Bibisco doesn’t seem to have enough functionality to do a complex fantasy IF story, and Manuskript to my memory was a bit glitchy. Been considering trying Scrivener again now that I have a Mac. I’m sure it would be decent for world building, but wondering if there’s anything out there uniquely good for IF? First time trying my hand in this format.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I know a lot of authors have mentioned mapping it out in twine or some other flowchart software.

Iirc, the Wayhaven author has posted stacks of handwritten notes, although their story is more linear so it works.

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Here are some of the ones I use.

For mapping and notes, Obsidian, simplemind:

For writing and testing Vscode or Vscodium with this extension:

For reading (more useful with long format texts):


The only organisational tool I’ve had any degree of success with is the oldest of fashioned writing down notes and pinning them to a corkboard :sweat_smile:

Sometimes it helps just to be able to have something in front of you in a tactile way without having to wade through programs and tabs, I guess.

edit: corrected a typo but I feel like I need to preserve it for posterity: oranifsational


I feel like that’s the best way to get a handle of the whole too, but unfortunately corkboards are a bit difficult to work with at a, say, bus station :laughing:

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nah just gotta break out the pop up writing stand.

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