Best medieval fantasy games?


For some reason as of late I’m very into medieval fantasy games and I’ve played Skyrim but I don’t particularly like it that much. What good games of this genre can you recommend me? Doesn’t have to be RPG.

Also, Choice of Games qualify as well as I don’t remember playing a good medieval fantasy game apart from Red Moon so if there are some good ones let me know about them. Preferrably if they don’t involve too much magic.


Medieval Total War 1 and 2 were good fun, but might now look a bit dated. Dragon Age might also fit the bill, apart from having magic.

I also recall a WIP Medieval fantasy game on the forums here - it was called something like “Tale of the Eight Thrones”.


Mount & Blade. It looks a bit dated since it’s developed by a small group, but definitely worth checking out. Also Crusader Kings 2 if you enjoy some court intrigue mixed with your grand strategy.


I wanted to play M&B but I learned it has no story so I didn’t.


The only published medieval fantasy gamebooks are:

Trial of the Demon Hunter
Choice of the Dragon
Life of a Wizard


I’ve heard that there are mods for that sort of thing.


There are plenty of M&B out there if you want a more linear story. But it’s not really meant to be a linear experience. You make your own way in it and it’s awesome. Especially when you become powerful enough to break off from every kingdom in the game and rule your own realm.

Even in vanilla M&B there’s plenty of stuff that could be considered a story though. There’s constantly some war going on, relations between kingdoms become better and worse and there are possible crown usurpers milling about trying to claim the thrones of kingdoms. The best part is the large battle scenes though, hacking and slashing through enemies like a boss.


Oh, and Way Walkers, but Idk if that counts as medieval.


What’s M&B?


Mount and Blade


The gameplay goes something like this:


Fable series :3


Fable: The Lost Chapters. It’s small and simple, yet so entertaining.

Another one I’d recommend is Risen, my favorite video game. If you’re going to play it, make sure you play the PC version, not X360 one. X360 version is a horrible port while the PC version is one of the most entertaining RPGs I’ve ever played.

And don’t ever play Risen 2. All editions are horrible. Risen 3 will come out august this year and it’s supposedly going to be in style of Risen and the first two Gothic games (I recommend them too, especially the first one) so it might be good.


Another vote for Fable : The Lost Chapters and the Gothic trilogy (without including the 4th one). Also, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic is a medieval and fantasy RPG (with its story branching further on in the game even). You could also try Two Worlds I and II, and I’d go as far as to recommend Warcraft III’s maps (its map database is huge, and there are plenty of medieval fantasy maps that literally convert the game).

Also, I appreciate that you called Red Moon a “good” medieval fantasy game :slight_smile:


M&B is definitely up there as one of the better medieval fantasy RPG’s, even if the story is a bit lacking. If you really want story, I recommend getting one of the mods for the game (of which there are many). Oh, and get the Warband version.

Besides M&B, the Witcher is another good pick, as well as the first Risen and any of the Elder Scrolls games (I’m loving ESO myself).

However, what I really have to recommend checking out is a game called Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It’s not your traditional fantasy game - there are no elves, magic, etc - but it is set in a ‘fantasy’ world, inspired by 15th century Europe (namely, the Holy Roman Empire). It’s absolutely fantastic-looking, although it hasn’t yet released. I highly recommend keeping an eye on it, though. They’re also cooperating with the folks making Star Citizen, if that helps lend any credibility.



It looks awesome. Definitely looking forward to it.


Dragon Age Origins, for sure, the magic is optional and you can utterly dismiss it if you want.


Dragon Age Origins is definitely my favorite, but I also enjoyed the Fable games and I’ve heard The Witcher and Assassin’s Creed are really good.


I have a hard time separating the “medieval fantasy” settings from the “fantasy” settings (and Internet did not help me) so I may be off-topic for some games. Feel free to correct me. :slight_smile:

Real-time strategy games:

  • Age of Empires 2 (a Classic. Does not involve Magic.)

Turn-based strategy games:

  • Heroes of Might and Magic series (never played the 1st and the 2nd. The 3rd is a Classic. The series’ name was changed with the last one: Might and Magic Heroes 6.)
  • Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic (AoW 3 has been released a few months ago)

Role Playing Games :

  • Baldur’s Gate series (especially BG2: Shadows of Amn. The modding community is still active after 14 years. The first game has recently been redesigned in an Enhanced Edition. Bioware introduced Dragon Age: Origins as the spiritual successor of these games)
  • Divinity series (Divine Divinity, Divinity 2: The Dragon Knight Saga -but if you did not like Skyrim, I am not sure you will like this one-, and the soon to be released Divinity: Original Sin)
  • Newerwinter Nights series (the modding community is also still active)
  • Icewind Dale 2
  • Pillars of Eternity (not released yet, but I think you should keep an eye on it)
  • Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

Hack and Slash :

  • Diablo series (never played the 1st. The 2nd is a Classic)
  • Torchlight 2

Beware, most of these games include magic. :smiley: