Becoming Guardian (WIP) - Updated 03/21/2020

After your best friend becomes a single parent, you agree to become the legal guardian of their baby. When you suddenly find yourself actually needing to fulfill that roll, are you able to keep that promise? Find out!

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I want to try and create a story that is fundamentally different than anything I’ve ever really tried to write. I love fantasy stories, superhero stories, supernatural stories in pretty much any form of media. I’m pretty sure most of the media I consume falls under at least one of those categories if not multiple. With my other WIP being a fantasy based story I find it a little exhausting to write sometimes. So this bad boy here is like a pallet washer for me.

What To Expect
  • Four different main routes to explore, so four different main characters to get to know.
  • Exploring the troubles of adapting to guardianship
  • Friendship and/or relationship building
  • Plenty of drama and maybe some slight emotional turmoil
  • Oh and 3-5 unique love interests per route
  • Other things that I’m probably forgetting but will mention eventually
Demo Updates
  • Changes to stat page (2018-04-21)
  • Relationship stats page attended (2018-04-21)
  • Missing text issue fixed (2018-04-21)
  • Sam Chapter Two posted (2018-03-31)
  • Grammer, spelling, code updated. (2018-03-31)
  • Small change to Chapter One. (2018-03-31)
  • Katie Chapter One added (2018-03-27)
  • Minor changes to code (2018-03-27)
  • Jamie Chapter One added (2018-03-24)
  • Spelling/grammar corrections (2018-03-24)
  • Stats page updated (2018-03-24)
  • Custom hair colour option added (2018-03-24)
  • Minor changes to dialog (2018-03-24)
  • Minor coding changes (2018-03-24)
  • Sam and Aaron First Chapter added (2018-03-21)
Progress Report
  • 16 love interests planned, currently. 6 female, 6 males, 4 non-binary.
  • Technically speaking 8 and a half of the love interests have been introduced, thrilling I know lol
  • Made a relationship stats page the no one asked for
  • Personality traits are now hidden and set to true/false because y nawt

I have the “introductions” to each route up and written so please feel free to read through them. Since there will be four separate story routes I plan on focus on one at a time. None of the stories overlap directly, they just all share the same central theme of the MC learning how to parent.

If you have read through all four routes be sure to vote below for which interests you the most. The one with the most votes by this Sunday (March 18th) will be the route I focus on until it’s done.

  • Samantha Newell (Best friend)
  • Aaron Peaks (Best friend)
  • Katie Newell (Best friend’s sister)
  • Jamie Peaks (Best friend’s brother)

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it wont load during the skin choice.


Haven’t gotten through all of this yet, but just from a glance:

Is there a reason why the MC’s name is determined from the beginning, or simply the MC themselves? I can imagine why, really, but I just wanted to ask.

I’ve never played an IF like this before, so I’m looking forward to what’s going to happen. :slight_smile:


Is that where the game currently ends, @Latraytray?

Maybe bugs??? Its been great so far. I’m expecting more :laughing:

Yeah I’ll be keeping an eye on this one :wink:

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The MC’s name isn’t determined yet. The player will be able to choose a name in the next scene though I promise. :smiley:

It definitely some kind of bug I for the life of me can’t figure it out atm. It may just be because the next scene is a TBC page? I’ll have to play around with it and see

At the moment, yes. I started writing in the middle of the night and needed to stop for a power nap before continuing :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll likely do a mini update either later today and sometime tomorrow



Oh, no, sorry, I misunderstood! I understand now.

Edit: oh, I need more sleep. Thank God for a week long break.

I think you had it actually. Sleepy me did forget to capitalize the goto_scene initially. Either I forgot to save the changes to the files or the upload was buggy when I tried to fix it at first haha :stuck_out_tongue:

When I look back in my edit, when I copied it, the *goto_scene’s were not capitalized. Looking back at the scenes again, it now is.

Hm. Time to squint.

Edit: oh, I see the TBC now! It loaded! \o/

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Looking forward to seeing more!

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geez man, the difference between a friend or their sibling calling escalated way too quickly

But I can see the potential here so I’ll be looking out for future updates


To be honest this is different than anything I recall seeing and sounds promising. I’m totally in. :hugs:


It’s interesting but will it be a short story

Short, but interesting!


Shouldn’t this sentence be “mature voice” since we can choose which best friend we want?


I’m really excited to see how this turns out.

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I’m not sure how long each story will be atm.

Hello folks!

I have an update for all of you. I’ve finished chapter one for Sam and Aaron. Which I thought I would have been done last week but clearly I underestimated my ability to procrastinate sometimes. I’ll be working on Katie and Jamie this week.

Sam’s route came in first in the poll. So, once I finish Jamie and Katie’s chapter one I will start working the the next chapter for Sam

For future reference, would people prefer I follow the order of the poll results moving forward or would it doing another poll in the future to decided what route to work on after Sam be more preferable?

If you happen to find any errors please let me know.


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Nice start to the story!

I would very much prefer if you finish sam first.

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