Beached! V2.0 has been released after a mayor overhoal

Hello all!
After just than one week on the forums, Beached! has received many replies, complaints, requests and compliments.
Over 700 visitors have played the game so far. Thank you all for that!

All the feedback has been processed and Beached! has been overhauled thoroughly:

  1. Hundreds of grammar and spelling errors have been corrected.
  2. The rudeness of the game has been downgraded quite firmly.
  3. Many, many bugs have been crushed.
  4. Many misleading location exits have been fixed.
  5. A walkthrough map has been added to guide you through the puzzles.
  6. The text parser has been upgraded from a ‘2-words-max’ processor to one that actually reads small sentences (WIP continuously).
  7. A graphics on/off button has been added to make the game more accessible for people using narrator software.
  8. The loading time of the game has been reduced by 75%.
  9. Apple Macbook users or Windows safari users must have Quicktime installed to get the game running.
    (Windows Safari users should also copy QTCF.dll from the Quitcktime map to their system32 map)

I hope you will enjoy the upgraded version, still available at:


Relying on quicktime is not smart. It was discontinued by Apple (on Windows certainly) and is grossly insecure.

Hello LordOfLa,
I know, but it seems the only way for safari users to enjoy the game.
If anyone knows a way to get the audio working without Quicktime, please respond.

Safari users should maybe realise that there are 4 better browsers available (certainly on Windows, Safari on Windows is a disaster).